Banned Carry-on Items (these are weird)

5 Replies to “Banned Carry-on Items (these are weird)”

  1. My grandfather participates in golfing tournaments and he was able to take his golf clubs. He had to get a seat for them but he was able to take golf clubs and his golf bag on a plane. Yes this is 2023.

  2. Light Sabers are allowed though.

  3. Lizzy Folks says:

    My questionable is nail clippers. The flimsy nail cleaner MAY be used to poke an eye, but compared to a pen/pencil/stylus? C’mon, now.

  4. What about a 3 piece portable walking stick?

  5. Hi Megan from Australia love your channel can I say I hate Christmas crackers at Christmas when I get it I always deconstruct it open up take the hat and trinket, I hate the sound thank you for your knowledge on flying. 🇦🇺❤

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