Battle of The Birds | In The Bag 22

Is the Vulture out of the bag for good?
Robbie and Brad talk about enjoying in excessive elevation and useable overstablity with this week’s visitor.

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    22 Replies to “Battle of The Birds | In The Bag 22”

    1. Cody Speck says:

      Brad! I was looking forward to playing with you at the tournament at falling creek today! But I guess a broken toe is why you didn’t make it… keep up the good work and heal up soon!

    2. Killing it 🔥🔥🔥

    3. prattacaster says:

      Fury is such a good 9 speed turnover/hyzer flip disc. It's what you want the Diamond to be. I bag the River as well and I'd say it's a 9 speed River

    4. i bag a fuzion getaway in that spot. love it

    5. Emissary of the gorgonites

    6. Joisle says:

      I don't think Silas listens to the podcast! lol

    7. Brett McHan says:

      Leader of the gorgonites…by the way the vulture is in my bad but I have the big z

    8. lankmeister says:

      Did All Business Brad pick a name for his fandom last week? What do we call ourselves now?

    9. Thunderbirds are great , I got a 4x champ thunderbird which is very straight , a champ one that is pretty overstable, and then a very overstable halo thunderbird which goes forever on a forehand

    10. Meso1c says:

      I have an electron soft envy and yeah its a dead straight thrower but I legit cant seem to beat it in to get a flip out of it.

    11. LookSee says:

      link to that erra you were talking about towards the end?

    12. emissary of the Gorgonites.

    13. The vulture is my favorite control driver, feels way too good and is incredibly versatile. I have 3 in my bag like brad.

    14. leader of the gorgonites

    15. Greetings I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites.

    16. You're welcome for making you famous. It's kind of what I do

    17. I am Archer, emissary of the Gorgonites #BradsLads

    18. Literally can’t see the posters hahaha

    19. Andrew Bell says:

      Thunderbird and Teebirds are amazing that’s all

    20. This show! 10/10 in good information, fun
      and vibes!

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