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    1. my Benross irons are superb. Feel great and are quite forgiving. I got rid of my TaylorMades and have never looked back

    2. my Benross irons are superb. Feel great and are quite forgiving. I got rid of my TaylorMades and have never looked back

    3. Erick Bauer says:

      Happy birthday. Take them to the course and see if they hold the greens. I like your show but you do snub they little guy or little manufacturer a lot. I am in the US I looked on amazon and Ben Ross irons not even listed but woods and drivers were.
      I have to give kudos to Ben Ross because they gave custom fitting and full set of clubs to OMP from the people’s golfer show. Also Mizuno did same for Josh from peoples golfer vlog and another company over there did the same for Mr. Barlow sorry I can’t remember the manufacturer’s name.

    4. Jamie North says:

      Easy Rick, been enjoying your iron reviews & especially the comparison videos on YouTube.
      Could you tell me how the Benross Evolution R & Wilson D7 irons stack up against each other please?

    5. Keith Lyons says:

      Hi Rick you talk about the spin rate of the 7 iron that you tested saying it wouldn't stop for onto a green .But you had a set and got to no your distance's could or would you not compensate that with maybe a 8/9 iron as the ball is going longer !

    6. The main reason Benross clubs are cheaper is they don't pay tour players millions of pounds to use them!. I recently broke my G25 Driver shaft and replaced it with a project x shaft at a cost of £50 add £10 for a grip and you are left with a head and cover costing £230 plus to justify the original cost. Don't even get me started on clothes and shoes.

    7. Spin numbers to a pro are important although back in the day the best players had no clue what their numbers were and they did just fine.
      The normal golfer shouldn't worry about all that shit as the game is difficult enough
      If you like the look of them and only have x amount of cash then they'll do you good and golf snobbery shouldn't stop people from buying what they like or can afford. We need people in this game, club membership numbers are falling and the snobbery and shame aimed at new or old golfers due to their equipment probably does stop people continuing to play or join clubs. By the way taylormade have some awful looking/feeling clubs out there and they are top of the price range.
      PXG for example, I've used those , thought they sounded terrible didn't perform any different to the AP 2 irons I had at the time and thought their big boy driver kaboom baby didn't feel or out perform any driver I've ever hit.
      But then again are those mega expensive sets aimed at a fat normal 6 hc golfer like myself ?

    8. Steven Wyatt says:

      Rick, how does the forgiveness compare between the two models? I prefer the look of the Type R but as a novice, the forgiveness is going to be the key selling point. Thanks.

    9. Did anyone else think the finish on the back was poor , love them hate them love them hate them , premium, cheap shite, come on rick make your mind up

    10. Eddy Brand says:

      I bought the type R for 12 quid after a trade in deal. Quids in I think

    11. Good comparison. Just bought some HTX's today so good to hear what others think of them. Sound like a good set of irons

    12. Great review. Are there any problems golfers who use Benross?

    13. ma molden says:

      depending on the green condition also with irons like these I've noticed higher flight ball lands soft making spin not matter as much ball ends up not far from pitch mark

    14. ma molden says:

      in his defense to the spin it matters at his swing speed more than like the Rob potter's out there ricks spin with 6 iron is in 6000 normally so on and so forth threw the set he gets more spin with player irons, I can even tell with my moderate iron swing speed I've tried muscle backs or players cavity they seem stop quicker but than give up some forgivenss, cool thing about the equipment out there is we get the choice to decide what we would rather have

    15. Pianoorama says:

      The irons look like the talormade rsi1

    16. PabloShmablo says:

      I have to cosign on several people's criticisms of this review: mainly that it was disrespectful of Rick not to test the long and short irons for both sets. That would clearly not happen with most name-brand irons, yet he saw it as unnecessary because they're budget brand clubs? The nitpicking over the clubs' finish is one thing — he may have stressed it a bit too much, but it's a fair point. But not testing these irons thoroughly is going a little too far in terms of elitism and equipment snobbery.

      Overall though, the review was fine and clearly these clubs hold their own against the big manufacturers. They're perfect for either the occasional golfers Rick mentioned, or the more serious golfers who can't afford new clubs from the big brands and don't want to buy used clubs. And although there isn't enough data to conclusively say these irons spin lower than similar name-brand irons, it seems like a possibility. I think the best thing to determine if these are significantly lower spin is for Rick to test the HTX against an iron like the Epic or PXG 0311XF or M2 irons, and the Type R against an iron like the Epic Pro or PXG 0311 or M1 irons. It would also be really interesting to see spin and overall performance at 3 different price points: budget, premium, and luxury.

    17. AZstu324 says:

      Hey Rick, enjoyed the review. Not specifically because of the brand but because of the content and direction something like this could promote down the road. What are your thoughts on the various custom component companies such as Gigagolf, pinemeadow, hireko, etc? I believe these brands may have a better product than the clubs in your review. companies that can custom make iron sets with shafts, grips, and their own heads using "admired" tech from many of the big names and even custom fit lengths and and lies all for around $200. I play a set of single length gigagolf clubs and am a 14 handicap and play weekly. thanks! stu

    18. Hey Rick! Would it be possible to include descent angle with iron reviews? Seems like it may be an interesting parameter when talking about stopping power.

    19. I would kill to see him review some Top Flite clubs! lol

    20. David Labbe says:

      ugh…wish you would get out on a real golf course for reviews. Swinging on a simulator and off a rubber mat is not real life.

    21. Derek Brown says:

      Rick. I'm an 18 hc. Would the lack of spin make that much of a difference to my game ? I'm thinking of getting a set because I'm sick of the expense of my favoured Callaway

    22. slimjim 2582 says:

      any possibility you can review my cobra fp irons. I would really appreciate it!!

    23. Michael says:

      Nice video Rick, I appreciate the comment about price!

      A quick question: You use Pro V1s on the range? Does everyone or just the pros etc? Thanks

    24. don blem says:

      You say the finish on the back of the club isn't great. However, in all the high def close-up shots you gave us I can't see a single blemish? I thought the writing looked crisp.
      Thanks for the review as always 🙂

    25. JPolen851 says:

      looks like taylormade rsi1 the compressor that is

    26. CrushOfSiel says:

      I'm so surprised at the number of people just b*tchin and crying in the comments… The review was fair, he mentioned spin in all those videos as well…

    27. MissyLaMotte says:

      I must agree with what some other commentators have said. You keep saying that you expect a 7iron to have 6500 – 7000 rpm of spin, but when is really the last time you saw that in a 7iron test? All the current clubs seem to spin more between 5000 and 5500.

    28. tomar5e115 says:

      Again, the golf snobs gets in the way, these clubs perform just as well at a much much lower price point but you keep saying it's a negative because the the 'look' of the club and the detail of the club

    29. For the quality of the club and the mysterious price point I am in favor of buying a quality set of used clubs. Why not spend $350 or so on some nice Mizunos or Pings or even try to find an old Nancy Lopez set of irons if such things exist.

    30. regarding the spin rate rick, i think u should compare clubs based on the DISTANCE u hit it. ie if these benross goes hypothetically 170, then compare the spin launch etc with another brand company that you hit that club 170. as you said yourself the numbers on the bottom doesnt matter, only loft matters. in which case lower loft=lower spin.

    31. Rick, when you say much cheaper, how much different is it to the m2? it cant be that much different

    32. Rick, you have a whole yer before Open qualifying. You should game a full set of the Ben Ross clubs for a number of rounds just to see what happens.

    33. Sungill Kim says:

      Spin numbers look the same as Callaway and Taylormade at those lofts…

    34. arccos review please rick!!!

    35. I just found out that my dislocated knee just has a piece of bone off which means I will being able to try out for my school's golf team. Wish me luck rick.

    36. i would like to see you review maruman conductor please

    37. Hell of a video mate i might buy these irons because im a budget golfer thanks rick

    38. ticleve2 says:

      What 7 iron do you hit that has a 7000 backspin rate?

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