Best Back Stretch for a Better Golf Swing #Shorts

Dr. Rowe shows an amazing daily exercise that may help improve your golf swing.

If you’re dealing with pain while swinging a club, or just looking for an everyday mobility exercise to improve flexibility… check this one out.

It can be done pretty much anywhere, anytime, and requires no equipment.

Give it a try and leave us a comment below on how it works for you!


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17 Replies to “Best Back Stretch for a Better Golf Swing #Shorts”

  1. Abe NXC says:

    That felt amazing

  2. Josh Welk says:

    Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

  3. I am certain this could be used to help you, even if you don't play golf.

  4. Spectrum boi says:

    This man is doing gods work.

  5. Space Monkey says:

    How about lower back / hip relief for better duty belt carrying?

  6. What a generous person you are. Thank you!!

  7. Robert Reed says:

    This is great nothing is to hard and you speak clear and easy to understand I really like all your videos keep it up

  8. Boost Mobile says:

    Do u cut your own hair??
    U look like u may have thick hair? Have U ever, thought of a fashionable NEW Style??? Nice
    Thanks for your knowledge: great exercises!!!

  9. What would be good to strengthen core after being bedridden for quite awhile and with fibromyalgia

  10. Meeg says:

    Would this translate to a good stretch for baseball too?

  11. Javier Ramos says:

    Outstanding! Just played this past weekend. Wouldn't have thought about this kind of stretch.

  12. Laura A says:

    Omg that felt good!!! Thank you

  13. DRobo says:

    Jimenez has left the chat.

  14. Paul Malone says:

    Great stretch wish you could do a great 5 minute warm up before you go out the door to play golf.

  15. Joshkvms says:

    Thank you ! 🏌️‍♀️⛳🙏

  16. 1 0 says:

    My wife gonna be happy my swinging back in the game.

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