Best Budget Golf Clubs? | STIX Golf Clubs Review

STIX Golf claims to provide premium quality golf clubs at an affordable price, but are these really the best budget golf clubs? We’ll be putting them to the test to find out.


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Hope you guys enjoyed this review of STIX golf clubs. Let us know what other golf club sets you’d like to see reviewed on the channel.


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    39 Replies to “Best Budget Golf Clubs? | STIX Golf Clubs Review”

    1. Brady Lester says:

      Kinda seems like y’all just suck. Can’t even make an adjustment and keep pushing everything right

    2. Man the club set goes for 1k now smh

    3. The large price difference for the big names is due to advertising costs, not research and development costs.

    4. Checo925 says:

      Yea, the price sure changed in a year. Too damn expensive 😂

    5. correction no matter how much money any club are if you don't have a good basic swing no club will make you better.

    6. No matter what clubs you advertise and how money the clubs are it will not make you a better golfer. you have to have a good basic swing that is repeated as is. no club makes any golfer better..

    7. dpardo74 says:

      When you buy a beginner box set, you buy the beginner set problems as well. To keep a beginner set cheap, manufacturers have to cut costs and corners in terms of quality.( Generally ,the woods have cheap shafts and the irons are cast poorly.)
      So, being a non golf club member and a 2x a momth golfer with a higher handicap…these clubs are the perfect fit for someone like me.

    8. Juan Morales says:

      Where can I buy that sweet golficity hoodie?!?

    9. They look great and I would love to win a set however my only issue is the durability of the finish also I would like to comment on some content of the video I know what you meant probably buy new golfers however I am by no means a new golfer but do not always have the time or the money to play when I have the money I don’t have the time vice versa so I’ve been wanting a nice set of clubs but don’t want to drop $1500 but I also don’t want to spend $700 and they be crap lol like I said I like how they look I did go on their website and they do have options now to change the stiffness of the shafts

    10. Lol you guys both pushed literally everything. Have you considered you might be shit?

    11. dpardo74 says:

      I am shopping for new clubs and the all blacked out look is speaking to me:)

    12. Love that they didn’t pay you guys to review them that’s always a positive

    13. Do y’all recommend Stix or Robin

    14. Willie Crews says:

      Thought the clubs was for mainly a player like me had kids sold his Titleist and Big Bertha set kids are growing up getting back into golf by $10 bag of golf clubs at a garage sale played a couple of times again trying to find my swing now little girl wants a set of golf clubs my boy races dirt bike so he eats up most of my money so when I buy a set of clubs they have to go from a little girl so for me it's kind of at a cheap price just to get you out there and play with something that is just a little better than garage sale clubs but you know it's all about the Love of the game I'll play with whatever I can

    15. Randy says:

      Can the lie angle be changed after purchasing

    16. Randy says:

      New golfer need to focus on the irons not woods

    17. Adam Milk says:

      If you had to pick, are you going Robin or STIX?

    18. KingSeby13 says:

      Gotta love a honest review like this, thx. Next time maybe go to the actual course, no hate, good job. 👍

    19. David David says:

      Stop saying AGAIN again again…..

    20. Been considering Stix as my first new set. Really appreciate this review!

    21. I currently have a $300 set and am looking for an upgrade

    22. Seems like these could be the clubs for me, thanks!

    23. Nick Butler says:

      Are y’all going to review the version 2 from stix?

    24. Kyle Nelson says:

      I've been golfing for 20 years. My set is super old and I want a new set without spending a fortune. This may be the answer.

    25. Question- I have a friend who wants to pay me $500 for my used Callaway Rogue X. Should I do it and upgrade to the Callaway Mavrik irons

    26. Think this might be my first set 👏

    27. jbarres80 says:

      Just getting into the game of golf love the videos do you guys have any stickers for my collection ?
      I’m going to be using hand me down muzunio JP825

    28. I'm a weekend warrior golfer that has an old Titleist iron set and a very old big Bertha driver. I've been looking for a full set without breaking the bank and these seem legit, thanks for the review

    29. Henry Senez says:

      I have never been golfing before, but I was asked by a family friend to go with them soon and to buy a set of clubs.

    30. Were can i get that black hat from

    31. Alex Zsenyuk says:

      I am really considering these golf clubs, thanks for the thorough review. However, you’ve now introduced me to Robin… down the rabbit hole I go! When are you picking the giveaway winner?

    32. Jeff Wolford says:

      I think you guys explained this very well. I came across these and I am a new at all of this so you explained it very well and I love the black look that’s what caught me eye. I’m hoping to get a set soon and start playing. Thanks

    33. Jeff Wolford says:

      I think you guys explained this very well. I came across these and I am a new at all of this so you explained it very well and I love the black look that’s what caught me eye. I’m hoping to get a set soon and start playing. Thanks

    34. mrjtnipomo74 says:

      Thanks for the review. Think I made my mind up.

    35. Ruben Flores says:

      I like the idea of dark finish being able to see your ball mark , the shot forgiveness looks decent , thinned the ball a little on the 109 yard shot and still hit straight giving an opportunity to chip in or out for a bird.

    36. R1Master says:

      I like the look and price of them I am new to golf so those things are important to me… I don't need flashy hahaha.

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