BEST Comfortable Waterproof Golf Shoe | Adidas Golf Shoes ZG21

BEST Comfortable Waterproof Golf Shoe | Adidas Golf Shoes ZG21. When you are out on the course you want to make sure you have the most comfortable golf shoes. The golf shoe must be waterproof and mostly likely in 2021 the golf shoe will have a soft spike. I took the Adidas Golf shoe ZG21 out into the snow to test if they were a golf shoe waterproof enough for rain and snow. They are the best waterproof golf shoe for flat feet and wide feet golfers. I have both as a women’s golf shoe there is nothing out there in the market. Ladies golf shoes are hard to find which are the best comfortable golf shoe in 2021. Adidas Golf has really outdone themselves by providing one of the best waterproof golf shoes in 2021. This was Coach Shayain´s first Golf shoe review so let her know in the comments below what you thought and what’s your favourite golf shoe.

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00:00 Intro
00:43 Tie the shoe BOA
03:35 Waterproof or Not?
03:53 Wet or Dry Socks?
04:47 Recap of Review

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    22 Replies to “BEST Comfortable Waterproof Golf Shoe | Adidas Golf Shoes ZG21”

    1. Waterproof & Comfortable Golf Shoes are hard to find! Watch me jump in the snow and sock are still dry!
      What shoes do you wear that you love that are waterproof??

    2. SHOW US YOUR FEET!!!!

    3. Annie Blair says:

      Hi Shayain, I love your tuturials. I am a beginner so you are really helping me to get things right from the start. Do you have a bunker video? From Annie.

    4. Perfect shoes for me. I didn’t realize We both shared the same foot shape and size. Thank you for sharing on how to make it tight n loose.

    5. Those look great! Look like they could be unisex!

    6. Binson Uy says:

      Like the design. Thank you Coach Shaiyan for the review and recommendation.

    7. Great review! Will def look into the men’s version of these. Adidas is lucky you did a free product review!

    8. Hila at Home says:

      Wow! Never knew golf had such stylish shoes!

    9. Awesome video 🔥 Super cute. Thanks for sharing 👍🏽

    10. Seah Altura says:

      I would love to have this pretty shoes.

    11. I really like that design. You'll have to let us know how the laces hold up. Not a golfer, but I love Vasque hiking boots because I don't really have to 'break' them in.

    12. Good to know! I have friends who are golfers, and good shoes are so important

    13. Awesome thank you so much for the review, they look really comfy! 😍

    14. Home Fix says:

      OMG!😲I have seen these type of laces on shoes I was going considering purchasing for my son. I nor the store attendant Could figure out how to loosen the shoe laces so I left them. Thank you for this! And the shoes look awesome, by the way.

    15. Carline Dyer says:

      I don’t own waterproof shoes. These shoes look so high tech how nice 👍🏽

    16. These look so comfortable! I really like that it's waterproof and you have no problem playing in them

    17. The dial to tie the shoes is so interesting. Great video

    18. Hi Shayain, thanks for the review! I didn't realize you were so close (hello from Seattle! :)). What do you think about the lacing vs. traditional laces? Is that a trend that you think more shoes will adopt? Thanks again!

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