► Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman puts 13 of the latest fairway woods to the test to see which ones excel in different areas of performance golfers look for to help you decide which one might be best for your game if you are due an upgrade in 2021! Filmed on location at Burghley Park Golf Club (, he hits them from a variety of lies as well as on the Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor to gain a detailed understanding as to how each model performs.

► Here are models and full specs of all 13 fairway woods featured in the test:
Callaway Epic Max, 15, 15°, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green iM10 stiff shaft.
Callaway Epic Speed, 15°, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green iM10 stiff shaft.
Cobra Radspeed, 14.5°, Fujikura Motore x F3 6s shaft.
Honma TR21 TiFW Big LB, 14°, Honma Vizard TR20-60 s shaft.
Mizuno ST-Z, 15°, Fujikura Motore X F3 7s shaft.
Ping G425 Max, 14.5°, Ping Tour 75 s shaft.
Ping G425 LST, 14.5°, Ping Altas 65x shaft.
Srixon ZX, 15°, Project X Evnflow Riptide 6.0 s shaft.
TaylorMade SIM2 Max, 15°, Fujikura Ventus FW 6s shaft.
TaylorMade SIM2 Ti, 15°, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 s shaft.
Titleist TSi2, 15°, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 x shaft.
Titleist TSi3, 15°, Mitsubishi Tensei AV white 75 x shaft.
Wilson Staff D9, 15°, Mitsubishi Tensei CK 60 s shaft.

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    42 Replies to “BEST FAIRWAY WOODS 2021!”

    1. putnam78 says:

      Bought a new bargain-price Rad Speed 5 wood online earlier today. Wanted to try out Cobra and complement my Taylor Made driver, 3 wood, and hybrids. After watching your review, I'm even more excited about the Cobra arriving in the mail and trying it out on the course!

    2. Hey Joel, Thank you for this video. I'm curious to see who you will pick for 2022. Thanks again.
      Rich Williams
      Astor, Florida 32102

    3. Charles Tea says:

      My Cleveland 2 Iron Fairway Hybrid with Spider grips, is my favorite club in my bag, when I can hit it right. LOL! It's an 18 degree. I use it as a driver as well.

    4. JMT Golf says:

      I almost bought a rad speed because I had a f7 that I regret selling but found g410 5 wood for 115$ turned itdown to 16 degrees and I'm getting 156 ball speed 262 carry on average with it so decided not to even get a 3 wood… I'm only getting 293 carry with driver so I think 3 wood would just get jumbled up

    5. Chester says:

      Would have loved to see you put PXG into this review instead of two each of Ping, TM, Titleist and Callaway.

    6. J Geary says:

      Thanks for your personal impressions. First, I would not use any 3 wood out of the rough if it covers the ball and is not laying up on a bed of Bermuda. Second, would not use it on severe lies above or below your feet. So what is versatile and is it important in a 3 wood? A 3 wood is good off a decent lie on the fairway or off a tee. If you have some trouble, use a 5 or 7 wd. And don't use a 3 wd that is a ridiculous 43.5 inches unless you are on the tee or gripping down off the deck. lol, And the over length recommendation goes to 5 and 7 woods – no more than 42.5 and 41.75 inches, give or take a quarter inch.

    7. gavin harvey says:

      Hello, which motore shaft did you have in the cobra rad speed?

    8. Joel Keefer says:

      Great review! I have the radspeed 3 and 5 wood in my bag and agree that they're excellent and versatile clubs. I love them!

    9. Yeah yeah yeah ill put my old taylormade rbz stage 2 up against any fairway. It is the best ever period.

    10. leogoku13 says:

      Would've been nice to have address view at the proper angle but over all great vid

    11. Right no one makes a bad wood anymore. I'll go with Mizuno.

    12. Just got my cobra in yesterday. I purchased based on your review. Can’t wait to hit it!

    13. Fred Mertz says:

      Thank you. Nice detailed review. Greatly appreciate.

    14. T HOFF says:

      Bought the SIm2 Driver and am in love. Amazing club, changed my game with longer drives that stay in the fairway. Truly game changer for me. Just added the Sim2 Max Fairway wood (3) and also love it. Amazing clubs

    15. Wonderful review of these woods Joel ! I did add the Ping G 425 Max to the bag in a # 5 & # 7 Wood. I really love what Ping has done with them. Nice clean look, extremely forgiving and the shallow face makes it easy for me to hit. I find the dispersion is great and hitting out of the rough works well too. These to me are the best looking woods I have ever seen. Thanks for the great review Joel !

    16. Seve Sellors says:

      Great review the Mizuno was up there as best on dispersion too.

    17. NovaScene says:

      Thanks Joel, your videos are always quality 👌

    18. Cobra woods have has those rails going back to the actual wooden wood days. Always the same sell it helps out of the rough

    19. Rawsick says:

      How do I know if I need a stiff or regular 5 wood?

    20. BS Indy says:

      Tour edge E521 hot launch… you guys are missing out

    21. Adam Vlassis says:

      No pxg or tour exotics..: boo

    22. S S says:

      I have been a huge TaylorMade fan for about 10 years…..I cannot STAND the way their new woods and drivers look. I don't like the two tone. I don't like the carbon fiber. I guess it just comes down to personal preference, but they are BY FAR the worst looking to me.

    23. Excellent review, just the information needed when comparing clubs.

    24. Mark Brookes says:

      Maverick sub Zero 13.5 it's a bullet of the tee & easy to get of the floor .

    25. Bandit Baker says:

      Many thanks for an extensive review👍
      I am looking to replace my old & battered Diablo 3Wood this year and it certainly looks as though I have plenty of choices and everyone seems to be making a solid performing Fairway Wood this year. As a senior golfer, one of my main consideration is whether to chose a 3 or a 5 Wood. Getting the ball airborne when hitting from the fairway is definitely harder as I lose clubhead speed, so it may be a 5 Wood that is my best option. My personal preference would be the PING MAX because of its forgiveness, but I will defo try the Cobra as those rails may well help my less than perfect strike! Thanks again Joel👍

    26. gabravo2005 says:

      PXG Proto is fantastic! I have the 3 and 5 wood. They are absolute beasts!

    27. JON PON says:

      No PXG!? This is a joke lmaooooooo

    28. Which particular model is your Titleist carry bag?

    29. Great review, I'll hang on to my F7 3/5 wood for now…Cobra best fairway woods in the real world…

    30. i agree with bernie daley this review is no good for me as i can't hit a 3 wood off the fairway will be more interested in 5 wood review if one is planned

    31. Mark walters says:

      Basically all good if you’re a low handicap player.

    32. Panu Rekilä says:

      No PXG, Srixon or Tour Edge included? Really? Not even going to watch this click bait video till the end.

    33. Ron Sims says:

      You can’t have this conversation without including Tour Edge. Anything beta-ti has an extremely hot face.

    34. Why NO love for the Mizuno? Joint most accurate, long enough, good spin and max height. My absolute favourite

    35. MySpankster says:

      No PXG ?? 0211 or proto or gen 4 ??

    36. A Merz says:

      How can you not include the PXG 0211 in this review.

    37. helopuro says:

      Hi guys, good effort indeed. However – your tendency is to not find a winner but always to have several good options and not getting a true result! Keep up the good work thanks

    38. ANY1aBLUE says:

      Taylormade clubs are always so ugly, garish and toy like. Guess that’s why they devalue quicker than any other brand. I’ve got to play with something I find aesthetically pleasing. I suppose folks choose ugly cars in the same way……..

    39. ANY1aBLUE says:

      IF you ALWAYS hit your Sunday best shot when under pressure – then the TSi is fantastic. However, If you’re honest with yourself – then the Ping G425 is the best choice. I sold my tsi for the g425………….

    40. I have the full radspeed set in my bag. Driver. Big tour 3 wood and the 5 wood. They are awesome.

    41. Bernie Daley says:

      Why do you guys always review 3 woods when most average golfers prefer to use 5 woods on the fairway with the 3 more difficult to hit from the fairways

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