TG Test Pro Neil Wain and Equipment Editor Simon Daddow test and review the best Forgiving, Low Spin and Draw Biased drivers of 2022.

We show how 14 Forgiving, 9 Low Spin and 12 Draw drivers compare in data, and narrow each category down to our favourite few models.

See the test data on our website here

0:31 Should you be using a low spin, forgiving or draw biased driver?
3:25 Forgiving driver data comparison
8:18 Our best forgiving drivers of 2022
11:24 Low spin driver data comparison
14:23 Our best low spin driver of 2022
15:35 Draw driver data comparison
16:58 Our best draw drivers of 2022

Get more information on the leading driver models on our website below:

TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth Plus and Stealth HD –

Callaway Rogue ST Max, Max LS and Max D –

Cobra King LTDx –

Ping G425 Max, SFT, LST –

Mizuno ST-Z 220 and ST-X 220 –

PXG 0811 X, XT and XF –

Cleveland Launcher XL and XL Lite –

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    32 Replies to “BEST GOLF DRIVER 2022”

    1. Subscribed – best reviews on Youtube!

    2. Matt Artiste says:

      hello, what about the dispersion and tolerance of the Driver Taylor made Style Plus, some testers define it as average? when do you think? what is the minimum speed to be able to hit it correctly? thanks

    3. The crucial thing is to get a proper fitting here. Despite all the technical stuff, each club suits your swing or it doesn't. I'm getting a whole new set of clubs and went to the fitting dying to get the glamour Titleist TSR, but simply couldn't hit the blasted thing. Finished up with a Stealth (which I don't really like the look of lol), which I hit consistently shot after shot.

    4. Ping G425 Max for the golfers that are mere mortals.

    5. tigerbalm says:

      For me, shaft selection is more critical than driver heads these days…every brand makes excellent performing driver heads, but if I don't liek the shaft performance, it doesn't matter wut head it is!

    6. Jason Lewis says:

      The Mizuno is an amazingly forgiving club! absolutely rivals the G425 imo. They also increased the total head weight which increases MOI. I still use my G400 LST but the Mizuno is high on my buy list.

    7. Stealth was hot garbage when I tried it. Walked out with the LTDx LS.

    8. Can you really do the test when new drivers are still coming out

    9. Steve Smith says:

      In Regards to draw biased drivers can you a review of the Callaway " Epic MAX Star Driver " with the adjustable rear slider weight. If you haven't already? Cheers

    10. Do you have a video on 3W for 2022?

    11. Eddie A. says:

      New subscription to your channel. I like it a lot. No nonsense and pure data. Neil’s swing is pretty awesome as well.

    12. Ross Lillebo says:

      Until Titleist releases it's new driver this fall

    13. Did you try the Tommy Armour 845 MAX Driver??? If not, you should have…I chose it over your list of drivers you have here!!! I got a 10.5* adjustable driver and paid half the price of the more known drivers!!! Very Under-Rated driver and Clubs!!!

    14. Andy66 L says:

      Great comparison, with the Rogue ST Max if you lowered the loft would it sit more open & be less prone to draw / go left? Thx

    15. You guys put in a lot of effort/work but if you're really working with different (stock) shafts across the board the comparison is rather useless to be honest. Sorry if I'm wrong with my assumption but if I'm right this is a huge nogo. There's no way that you see 5° of launch and 5mph ball speed differentials with todays top driver models if you really compare apples with apples. All robot tests will show that as well. If you built these models with the same shafts, shaft lengths and swing weight and only use a decent strike pattern you will end up with around 1° and maybe 1-2mph ballspeed of difference between the models, not more.

    16. Nice review. Given the Tour Edge C721's highest ball speed and low spin, if you raised the loft up 1-2*, do you think it would have been a lot longer carry distance?

    17. James Hoben says:

      tour edge 722 beats them all and isn't so expensive!!!!!

    18. blehoo1 says:

      Thanks guys – really fancy the Ping G425

    19. As you say many of the top drivers or clubs are all very good. Identifying what suits you but also what you like the feel, sound of and gives you confidence as a result is important as is choice of shafts. For example since my m2 have not found a driver that gives me all that until now in the stealth. Being a leftie some limited choices to test – such as mizuno. Don’t like the look, sound of ping nor the ltdx.

    20. Obviously I should go get fit but I have a very high swing speed but struggle with heel strikes and hitting high off face sometimes .. in your opinion would low spin or forgiving driver work better?

    21. In my opinion directional dispersion shouldn give the average of all shots from the center line. It should tell you the distance from the miss on the left to the miss on the right. Outliers could be removed. Or am I having a different idea of dispersion than others?

    22. What a surprise that taylormade wins again 🙄. This review will make people believe it will go 10 yards further for everyone which is just not true.

    23. My first stop when researching a golf club, well done again, thank you!!

    24. Awesome video like always, thanks. Quick question. Have a same video with fairway woods or is coming?

    25. No dispersion test? Accuracy over 20 more yard per carry imo

    26. John Murray says:

      It felt a bit favoured for taylormade…there seem to be no valid reason for it to be in the final best of class of most forgiving..the explanation mentioned the other 2 taylormade drivers so not sure why that was even mentioned..the test was for the most forgiving not all 3 drivers of taylormade…sorry but on that test Taylormade should not of been in the top drivers in that class..

    27. Brock allard says:

      Look forward to your reviews every year, thank you!

    28. dave watts says:

      Simon, thanks for your input on these tests. Age has dimmed my length of the tee, but your length is close to mine so less stress about length and concentration on course management, chipping and putting

    29. Great video as always, like to see the review about the Mizuno driver, which doesn't seem to get much attention on other channels ! I thought I'd let you know that the stereo audio balance shifts randomly Left to Right on you mic recordings, it can be distracting when listening on headphones, it would be fine if it was just in mono.

    30. KL says:

      Neil can carry 280+ and says his old shaft was too stiff? 🤣 Truly humble and objective dude. Well done, sir.

    31. Thanks so much, very helpful! I’m in the process of upgrading all of my clubs so at this stage, honest reviews are a must for me.

    32. LE GEND says:

      Great video lads! I think some high handicap players would benefit from low launch, low spin driver models despite their slower swing speed and higher handicap. Often times the high handicap player delivers the club in a way that generates a lot of loft and spin and these “better player” drivers are exactly what they need. Obviously being fit is key but these better player drivers are not to be overlooked for all abilities. I think the marketing may scare some players away when it’s actually ideal for them.

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