Best Golf Drivers Of The Past 5 Years

The best golf drivers over the last five years include the PING G400 SFT, Tour Edge Exotics C721, Callaway Epic Max LS, and TaylorMade SIM2 Max. Each of these golf drivers come from a different category and will best fit different players, but they’ve been exceptional in the 2nd Swing fitting bays.

In this video, 2nd Swing’s Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald discuss their favorite golf drivers over the last five years in draw-bias, high-MOI, low-spin, and all-around categories. Then, Thomas and Drew do some light testing to showcase the differences on Trackman.

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    23 Replies to “Best Golf Drivers Of The Past 5 Years”

    1. Fastest CHS with the 721 due to the shaft?

    2. G410 LST was hands down a top Driver last 5 years. Multiple outlets have proven this, including MyGolfSpy. G400 is very very average here, not shocked.

    3. MySpankster says:

      ..I am looking at getting the stealth driver possibly……i currently just got the stealth irons with red ventus shafts and the DHY clubs in the same shaft….my question is should i stick with the ventus red shaft for the driver ? in regular ? my swing speed with driver is 89-94 mph….i usually hit a high ball…i am looking for distance…. more the better …lol i am thinking of also getting my driver length at 44 – 44 1/4 ….im only 5'7 and 57 years old…….what shaft do you think would suit me most ? thx cheers keep up the good work

    4. Michael M says:

      Appreciate the perspective…and that’s just what it is. I’ve personally hit all 4, gamed the Epic LS. I would personally not play any of them at this time.

      I cannot accept the sound of any Ping wood, especially their drivers. Too loud, too high octave. Would have to wear earplugs 🤣🤣

      I actually was really impressed w/C721 on simulator but just couldn’t get over the looks. I didn’t like the crown aesthetics and it’s so deep front-back it looks like a Buick on a stick. It also hit too high launch and spin but dead straight. The C722 is much better looking, lower spin, slightly more muted and overall just a big improvement.

      Sim2 was worst TM driver in a decade. Huge disappointment after the Sim.

      My current gamer is ST220G w/Speeder NX 60X @44.75”. I love it’s aesthetics, low spin and launch, easy to draw or fade. I’m disappointed in its sound and feel. Just a bit too high octave and I have to look at face to see where miss was. My favorite the last 5 years was TS3. Workable, perfect shape and sound is solid…like closing the door of a Range Rover 😉. I even break it out on occasion but it’s substantially higher spin than ST220G which becomes a big problem when the winds pickup. Can’t wait for the new TSR next Spring👍

    5. Couldn't go wrong with Ping G400, is the best of all time,

    6. David Deboy says:

      Sim Max original – best there ever was and still the best driver.

    7. Michael Kim says:

      Its weird seeing Thomas with a cap on😄 great content as always! Ka Pai🤙

    8. Do this type of video again with new cobra and new mizuno and stealth

    9. David Petryk says:

      Great video but the Cobra ltdx drivers can't be beat. Especially the ls model for forgiveness and low spin. I have always been a callaway guy and the epic max ls wasn't even close.

    10. MrKennAM says:

      Just bought myself a Ping G425 the other day. And it's amazing. Not the Ping you showcased. Newer model i believe. And I never hit a more forgiving club, which i need due to being rusty. Don't get the chance to play often enough. But I really enjoy my new Ping G425. The bomb ✅⛳⛳🦅🦅

    11. I didn’t know Johnny manziel knew so much about golf drivers

    12. Shane Shabbz says:

      sim 2 max or G400 max?

    13. John Whyte says:

      Titleist tsi3
      Pure class 🏌️‍♂️

    14. Jason Velez says:

      Where was TSi3 in this segment?

    15. T Beck says:

      I still play the Ping G400 LST. It just sounds so damn good and is so straight!

    16. Ciaran Doyle says:

      Cobra F9 has to be in there in my opinion. And cheaper than all these

    17. Johneere says:

      Damn no love for titleist smh and g400 over g425???

    18. Rawsick says:

      G400 over the g425? Is this legal?

    19. donsmnc says:

      Still depends on the player swinging the club, there are few magic clubs


    21. Always love your compare videos. My 2016 TM M2 (just outside your 5 year window) is amazing, love the feel and forgiveness. As I said a few times on here I was custom fit at your DE location 2x in 2021 for shafts. First was a hzdrs smoke yellow 5.5 then in the fall my current even Evenflow riptide CB 6.0. Counterbalanced shafts work terrific for me with my 2016 M2 head.
      I averaged about 2,000 backspin and 1.48 smash. Can’t complain!
      I’m super happy w this head/shaft combo. Custom fit is yhe only way, otherwise your guessing

    22. KL says:

      TSi3 was robbed. Titanium construction that will last a decade or two, great looks and sound, forgiving and will hold its own against anything out there.

    23. Had the Ping loved it. Got the Callaway currently & love it to 👍 Interesting no new models made the top 4 😁

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