Best Golf Driving Range Practice Routine – 5 Stroke Challenge Day 10

This is day 10 practice routing to drop 5 strokes off your golf game. Today we are at the driving range hitting wedges, irons, draws, fades and low punch shots. This is one of the best driving range practice routines you can do to lower your golf score.

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    25 Replies to “Best Golf Driving Range Practice Routine – 5 Stroke Challenge Day 10”

    1. Mottify says:

      Any tips for getting more distance on your sand wedge?

    2. Sorry to bother… where is day 9

    3. This needs to be in a book.

    4. staveb0mb says:

      I play with super game improvement irons and just started shooting in the 80s. Should I practice this way still, trying to work the ball between draw and fade?

    5. Thomas Mira says:

      Tough day; not sure I can say I can fade or draw the ball, with these clubs

    6. Amogh Apps says:

      Nice shots and very good video

    7. CRW3DMedia says:

      I hit driver, hybrid or wood, 6 and then 9 on the range, in that order. NEVER hit the same club more then once, even after a really bad hit. This best emulates nerves and pressure like course play for me. Changing clubs and target with every swing also helps to develop a repeatable preshot routine. Aim for a target! More time, more effort, more real. Practice like you play and play like you practiced.

    8. Bruce Almty says:

      Did you bring you own hitting mat to the range??? At my range, the mats are older than dirt.

    9. PAYTON CAPPS says:

      Can you explain what you feel different when you’re hitting the fade? I struggle to move shorter clubs to the right! Love this series by the way!

    10. panellockout says:

      Are you tired of bending over to replace your tee after each shot with your driver because the tee is dislodged, lost or broken? The Lollipop Golf Tee has a rubber tee like the ones used on artificial turf driving range mats. But our tee installs in grass. This tee stays in place for many drives which reduces the time spent bending down. The wide top on the tee makes it easier to place the ball on the tee which further decreases time bending down. It has a 2 1/2 inch long stainless steel shank that pushes deep into the grass surface. The rubber Lollipop Tee stays installed, drive after drive. Practicing with your driver is easier and more fun!

    11. Chris Zayas says:

      Is it bad for someone who shoots 85-90 to practice irons on a fake turf. I noticed that when I first started and was determined to get better I went at least 2 days a week and got pretty damn good. Then the 1st time I hit the course after that it was chuck city!

    12. Warren Rooks says:

      “Scoring clubs” enough said!

    13. The man comes through again!

    14. My OpenMind says:

      I try to alternate targets on every shot.
      I hit one fade then one draw then one high and one low and keep that going.

    15. Stacked Golf says:

      I'm starting the challenge tomorrow! 5 strokes down? Let's see

    16. That is a workout for sure. Nothing worse than getting 10+ fades in a row just to thin one 😂

    17. Rob Neville says:

      I couldn’t fade or draw my wedges. I hit them straight with a good grouping but couldn’t see any left or right spin at all. It was good to hit so many to a target with these clubs but didn’t see the movement. Is there a trick I’m missing or other video I can watch.

    18. Ron Darling says:

      Fine if you know how to shape the ball. Not helpful for a high handicapper.

    19. I think this is going to help tighten up the area I've been struggling with over the last month or so. Have to be consistent inside 150 to score well.

    20. Buck Grochol says:

      Already feeling the difference, more confidant . Suggestion though, I would love to know how to fade and draw the ball properly. When I try and experiment it turns into a disaster . Do you have video on how to properly draw and fade shots ?

    21. Bryan S. says:

      If I may offer a recommendation…
      Assuming that many of your followers are average to high handicappers, I think it would be a good idea to provide tips on hitting the "8 Iron low ball" and the feels for the fade and draw.
      Otherwise great video bro👍

    22. Rick Hearn says:

      I never hit balls on range, I putt a little & hit a couple chips. I spend more time watching people swing over and over repeating a horrible swing. They swing as hard as possible going for 350 yard drives, then 3 putt first hole? I believe in playing not hitting balls.

    23. Steven Olson says:

      Thanks for putting in slow motion on some shots.

    24. JD says:

      great presentation!! short game is the "spare" in bowling , the "free throw" in basketball and likewise in other sports!

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