Best Golf Shoes 2018 | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

►We pick out 7 of our favourite pairs of golf shoes for 2018 and break them down into different categories to help you decide which pair might be worth investing in this year.

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    25 Replies to “Best Golf Shoes 2018 | Gear Review | Golf Monthly”

    1. Spieth 2 are good looking shoes, but their cleats are terrible. The rotational cleats break at the center and spin off during the swing! You have to be checking your cleats to make sure they are all there after the swing. Definitely don't want to be thinking about that during the golf swing. Stay away from these shoes.

    2. Paul_ HD1 says:

      Probably won't get a reply, since GM doesn't seem to read their comments… but I have to ask… do you guys have a "whole host" running joke going at the channel?…

    3. RichardC says:

      Ecco is a quality shoe but they unable to produce the wider sizes (EE) and wider. Not everyone is a medium or D width.

    4. Sam Pella says:

      Not sure if I just got unlucky, but I bought the puma pwr adapt in june and the spikes are already torn

    5. The way I knew I needed a softer shoe is that feet kept hurting.

    6. denmark39 says:

      ECCO if you the best comfort shoes. My FJ looked good but flat like a floor inside

    7. J SKI says:

      You should have reviewed the white leather Puma Ignite. They are the best looking I've seen. They're extremely comfortable and you can grab them for about $130-$150 USD

    8. I like Foot Joy Classics with pants. Ecco and Adidas with shorts

    9. Under Amour Spieth 2 for me I played all last season in the Spieth One and I am anxiously awaiting my new pair of Spieth 2

    10. anyone looking at the Spieth 2 who is seeing all this talk about how the fabric is hard to clean i couldnt disagree more. I have worn them in wet and muddy conditions and they clean right up. let the dirt and mud dry, knock off what you can with your fingernails, then take a toothbrush with soapy water and lightly scrub the fabric. I think the people who complain about them just dont know how to clean shoes.

    11. Soft spikes are dangerous! Especially when the are new. I broke my leg by them. There is a lot of grass clogging in and between the soft spikes. When playing from a moss surface soft spikes do not generate any traction. I always immediately replace soft spikes with steel spikes when i buy a pair of golf shoes. Best traction and safety and hardly no grass clogging. Spike marks on the green by shuffling with soft spikes are much worse than those with steel spikes, and less good repairable. I played for 40 years on steel spikes. I am responsible for my own safety.

    12. KevinS says:

      Ecco are the most comfortable shoe I have ever had, and excellent waterproofing.

    13. Have the Tour 360 boost, by far the best shoe for comfort/stability I’ve ever owned and I’ve been playing for 25 years

    14. Thinking of giving the puma a go!

    15. Mark Brown says:

      They're not shoes.
      They're launching pads!

    16. Ade says:

      Mizuno for me. I do like the Echo ones too though.

    17. I disagree with your thoughts on the Speith shoes – I think they are so ugly.

    18. Seems like the Adidas is the all rounder

    19. Sameer Anand says:

      How is Nike not included in this?

    20. Howie Land says:

      Great selections, Joel. I remain surprised that many golf shoes have relatively pointy toe areas.

    21. Adam Boerger says:

      My main concern with shoes is sizing. I need a wide shoe but not one that’s so wide that my foot slides around inside. Does the FJ come in wide’s?

    22. Dave Martins says:

      Is that on Dom Pedro laguna?

    23. Tony k. says:

      Ecco for me…. all round shoe

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