Best Golf Wedges Ever, Episode 6. By 1958dynapoweredwedgeguy.

That is Episode 6 of 14 in regards to the traditional, world-beater wedges made by Wilson Golf between 1956 and 1975. Wilson dominated the skilled excursions for a lot of a long time, with its golf equipment being utilized in 62 Main Championship victories. Its wedges throughout that 20-year interval are nonetheless coveted, and accessible in on-line auctions. Essentially the most well-known and coveted sand wedge ever is amongst these fashions. However little info is printed about these wedges. Their stampings don’t point out loft or bounce. There is no such thing as a broadly accessible reference that may point out even the yr through which the golf equipment had been made, and the net advertisements are sometimes incorrect about that. 4 wedges had been accessible in every mannequin cycle: Pitching, Twin, Triple-Responsibility, and Sand. The 1958dynapoweredwedgeguy will present laborious information that he has assembled in regards to the loft, swing weight, bounce, rarity, and estimated worth of the wedges made throughout this 20-year interval. He additionally will give recommendations on tips on how to purchase these wedges by way of on-line auctions and tips on how to refurbish these wedges for in-the-bag use. He argues that each severe golfer ought to carry two wedges, each heavy with swing weights within the Es: a low-bounce sand wedge, and a high-bounce sand wedge. He has performed golf critically for over 50 years, utilizing Wilson cast irons throughout most of that interval — and he owns over 50 Wilson cast wedges made throughout this 20-year interval. You’re invited to speculate a while in these fourteen episodes, which collectively will take you about as lengthy to look at as it could to play 9 holes of golf. (c) 2020, Thomas D. Sykes, All Rights Reserved.


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