Best Irons of 2022…MY NEW CLUBS REVEALED!

This mere mortal ranks the best irons of 2022. These were all clubs I took out on course for full play tests as well as my testing in the simulator.

I’ll break down my favorite irons in the categories of feel, forgiveness, workability, distance and value.

Irons tested include the Cobra Forged Tec, Mizuno Pro 223, Callaway Rogue ST, PXG 0211 XCor2, TaylorMade Stealth, Cobra Forged Tec X, Tacomo 101, and the Tour Edge Exotics C722.

Join us in Ireland in 2023:






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    30 Replies to “Best Irons of 2022…MY NEW CLUBS REVEALED!”

    1. Jeremy Jose says:

      Gabe, great video great tips 👍. What shaft was in your Takomo 101 review?

    2. Rob Row says:

      Stand back. You're in my personal space!

    3. Vern Haynes says:

      Great vlog! Well thought out and great variety of clubs tested. I do believe that I am going to have to try the Takomo 101 or the PXG 0211Scor! Thanks for your great show!

    4. Love the presentation, the precise and positive comments . Has cleared my thinking on my next purchase. Cobra TEC X, as the Tokomo range does not seem to be available over hear in England. I am now 69 looking for help but still playing off 1.6 !!!! No I dont believe it either. Top Bloke , top show well done. High Fives to all who make your show happen. ..Peter.

    5. Just bought a set of 101s. This video was the nail in the coffin 😂👍

    6. I keep hearing such good things about the Tacomos. Definitely thinking about them when I upgrade. Enjoy your trip!!

    7. I thought for sure you would stick with your MP223's especially with your love for Mizuno. I'm loving my 223's. Yes they average shorter but once I put my ego aside and clubbed up about half a club I was hitting distances I had with my Ping G400's but with much better stopping power.

    8. Diana Riley says:

      Hey Gabe. Nice job on all of your videos. I am torn between the Stealth irons and the Tour Edge C722/C721 irons. I actually hit the Stealth locally and wasn't overwhelmed even though I hit some mighty good shots as well. I have had success with most Tour Edge products in the past. I even had the EXS irons for a bit until my son talked me into giving them up to him. Didn't care for the extra offset and the back edge look in the mid irons. Do you think the Tour Edge C series is longer and or straighter/better feeling than the Stealth? Sorry for the long diatribe and keep up the great work.

    9. freddywayne says:

      That's crazy how great those Takomo Iron 101s are. And I was debating between the 101s and my PXG 0211 DC that I'd eventually bought in January.

    10. Returned my Ping I525’s – good forgiveness and distance but sooo clicky and not something I was willing to live with. Tested Forged Tec against Miz 225 and Cobra won on feel and consistency (on the day). Cobra took my money – extremely happy thus far

    11. Nailed it! Really enjoying your content lately as I've finally been able to get back into the game I love after a shoulder injury set me back a couple of years. Right now in my bag are the PXG Gen 5 clubs, from driver to wedges and absolutely loving them. Idid hit the Xcor and like you mention it's a pretty great value considering what you get in the Iron. Thanks again for the content! Cheers

    12. I expected Cobra. I'm playing Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro irons, even though I also own Titleist 718 CBs and TM 770s. I had 9 rounds under 70 with the EXS Pros this year (played 170 rounds off a 1.8 handicap in 2022).

    13. Fooshman says:

      Awesome video man 🙏

    14. SiJRa says:

      What no Ping?? the i525's are awesome

    15. Geezer Golf says:

      For feel if you liked Mizuno irons I know I wouldn't want to go off your choices. I love Mizuno just don't care for the feel of their irons. The ST 220 Drivers are great I use the Z. And as for irons it would be very hard to beat my 21 P790's. Amazing feel, forgiveness, workability, Accuracy. I could go on and on about the 790

    16. Kc Leong says:

      Bull sith! My Wilson iron rank the best in the world!

    17. Great information. I am looking for new clubs. What was the shaft stiffness? Were they all stiff or regular?

    18. Alan Rutland says:

      Gabe, is there any chance you can do 9 holes with the 2022 irons Tokamo 101’s. Be good to see how your getting on with them. Thanks.

    19. Flying NP says:

      Should do a comparison of the DTC clubs (Sub 70, Tacomo, etc) just a thought

    20. Carey Gray says:

      Kinda pointless if you don't consider the shaft variable in the measurements.

    21. I've got the Takomo 101s. Only played about 27 holes so far but I'm very impressed with them.

    22. I was surprised that you missed pxg gen 5 or gen 4

    23. R W says:

      I am liking the Takomo’s as well but not sure if I want the 101’s or the 201’s.

    24. Anthony Papa says:

      What shaft did you go with in the Takomo's? Enjoy your trip. Thanks

    25. I just ordered the takomos! Can’t wait to play them!!

    26. Ray Farrell says:

      Great review! Thanks
      Have you ever tried the Cleveland Launcher XL irons? Pretty solid.

    27. But we know the 921 HMP would kick all of these. 😂

    28. John Z says:

      Those would absolutely have been my pick. I liked the review you did on them. These will definitely be in my bag soon.

    29. Bobs Golf says:

      Interesting review. However, wouldn’t you say that the Mizunos are perfect, especially in length and spin. The 7 is club to attack the flag and should have stopping power right? From your numbers it seems that Mizuno should be 1st and pxg 2nd. Not playing any favourites as I have cobras myself and loved them

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