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    1. Thanks for this excellent lesson Kerrod, incredibly like you said golf is dynamic body motion. Your teaching is the best on the internet for me .thank again.

    2. Steve strang says:

      I’m looking for the flip fix. I’ll work on this move

    3. Noticed with this the head does not move forward on the downswing as you showed in a previous video, robbing you of compression power

    4. Right hand is in front of tge ball n club head. Does this applies to driver as well

    5. Jeff S says:

      another great video kerrod. if i could offer a suggestion for really all your vids: you should hit a few full shots in each one. you've got an awesome swing, very balanced and powerful with tons of speed. it's inspiring for us weekend players to see it. (maybe using trackman or flightscope?)

    6. Nice kerrod. Simple is that .Thanks

    7. Wouldn't the action of letting the right hip winning the race lead to moving the right hip forward resulting in early extension etc?

    8. what about the weight on your feet? how should you distribute it in comparison to your hip and shoulder?

    9. Brilliant! Thank you. Wonderful way to think about how to achieve right side crunch or the right side bend. Let the hips win the race every time for good body rotation.

    10. Adam Alday says:

      Hello Kerry , I noticed you you don’t much re-centering in this drill like in a full swing?

    11. Hi Kerrod Everything you said takes place automatically once golfers learns to begin to use their ‘swing circle center’ which can only be done by their Obliques.


      At age 74 I now tilt my chest at addressing the ball and no longer bend from my hips. This one changed activate both my obliques and stomach muscles.

      My obliques muscles groups which orchestrated both my upper body (turning my rib cage) and my lower body tilting my alternating knees also serves to tilt and turn my alternating shoulders and hips as well both back and forth.

      Of course our triangulated arms, hands and wrists from our rocking shoulders to the club head itself sweeping the ball into the air are the extensions we must focus on independently from our obliques. And as Mike Austin said we strike the ball with our hands but also this group must follow under the direction and orchestration of our powerful obliques; the powerhouse swing circle center which protects our spine from damage. Cheers

    12. Cal D says:

      Hi Kerrod. Nice video. Q? 10° open with the shoulders and 30° with the hips (ideally). Can you go to much with the hips? Let's say for argument sake you tried for 45°-90°, please?

    13. Joe Troupe says:

      I can see I have been trying to get my his too far around and too quickly.

    14. dennis young says:

      Great video, this is something I need to work on 👍

    15. great drill, i keep my right heel firmly pressed at end of backswing and simply press left heel down while i drop my hinged wrist down , you are a great instructor, wish you were on the tour,

    16. Rickie4 says:

      Great video and I like that tip of letting your right hip beat your right shoulder to the ball but what would prevent you from spinning out of the shot

    17. just magnificent, creates confidence

    18. 13Rybo says:

      Wow! Great idea Kerrod, the idea of the hip beating the shoulder makes perfect sense. Stumbled on your videos from Reddit,definitely subscribing!

    19. Excelente!!! thanks from Argentina, Miguel

    20. Ok thanks Kerrod on my way to give this some practice.

    21. Magnífico, muy bien explicado.

    22. williamg007 says:

      Great drill – thanks Kerrod.

    23. Geo Man says:

      All your videos are always simple concise and informative.

    24. Love the ‘right hip beating the right shoulder’ thought 👍

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