Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2018 I Golf Monthly

►In this video, Golf Monthly editor Michael Harris tests the latest spikeless golf shoes and offers his verdict on which one might be right for your game

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    11 Replies to “Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2018 I Golf Monthly”

    1. N-Da-Bunka says:

      FJ Pro SL = WORST shoe EVER!

    2. Studio Edin says:

      tried a bunch of shoes, bout the skechers max rover, so comfy I just couldnt resist not buying them.

    3. chris forbes says:

      Great review … very helpful 👍

    4. Pernection says:

      Spikeless=turf shoes?

    5. Mo Notts52 says:

      VG review. I have to wear insole orthotics – I have very flat feet so need to wear inner supports. I have ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 & yes, can take out ECCO inners, BUT, even with my orthotics, after 18 holes on this Summer's baked fairways, my feet ache for days after. When you take out the ECCO liner, the sole is rock hard. Also for those who have feet that over pronate, like me, Sketchers offer very little lateral/side support.

    6. denmark39 says:

      Sketchers probably made by kids in India

    7. Steve Harris says:

      Did you walk on concrete in any of them? sometimes the grip on grass is great but slippy even on dry footpaths.

    8. Howie Land says:

      Nice ratings, Mike. My concern is durability of spikeless soles, since the traction can't be refreshed later with new spikes.

    9. Very nice review ! I think it would be nice if (in general when reviewing products) the reviewed products could be listed in the comments, possibly with a link to the manufacturers website.

    10. Gary Tailby says:

      Hi Mike nice to see they've let you out of the bathroom ! Great vlog, but could you tell me if the models tested are all waterproof ? Cheers

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