Better Golf: 3 Keys to Stop Fat Shots

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    4 Replies to “Better Golf: 3 Keys to Stop Fat Shots”

    1. I’m #2! Thanks for identifying this for me during our lesson and giving me a solution. This slight change has given me so much more consistency. Appreciate your help Scott!

    2. Kevin Aubert says:

      I’ve noticed in your videos with the Mevo+ you don’t ensure the dot on the ball is facing away from the screen, do you use a dot, have you noticed any difference in numbers, if not? Thanks!

    3. E46Nova says:

      Wow, thanks for uploading this video so quickly! Loving the content! Quick question about point #2. The motion that you make moving your hands down, would that be similar to a casting move or different?

    4. Kyler Clark says:

      Hey scott, my Mevo+ is coming on tuesday! i want to thank you for all the info you cover and get out to us! i’m very excited to test it out and improve! thank you again!

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