Big Cat's Final Round Meltdown || Barstool Mini Golf Pt. 5

(*5*)The fifth installment of the The Barstool Mini Golf Invitational is right here!

Forty Barstool Sports activities workers. Just one can stroll away with the $10,000 prize and declare the title as finest on the firm. That is the Barstool Mini Golf Invitational Introduced by Puttery and Biolyte.

Watch Episode 1 –
Episode 2 –
Episode 3 –
Episode 4 –

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    44 Replies to “Big Cat's Final Round Meltdown || Barstool Mini Golf Pt. 5”

    1. JJClaaky 23 says:

      This was a clear miss. This should have been spur of the moment content, not a production.

    2. Mike Messina says:

      So hank just happened to lose Marty mush’s content… hmmm

    3. Nick is hard carrying

    4. Ray Littles says:

      Did jerry say what i think he said on hole 25?

    5. Big D says:

      Producer on this really screwed the high hopes I had watching the first episode what a month ago

    6. Please let this be a annual event

    7. Tyler Martin says:

      4 and 5 were good. I guess im not roger or epert

    8. Dave looks lost in the background

    9. Chaney Laros says:

      Jersey Jerry vape break at 12:54

    10. Chaney Laros says:

      Jersey Jerry vape break at 12:54

    11. Rick Jenkins says:

      Surely they will have this set up differently next season. Tone down the production and speed up the release. Some people can't keep secrets. Jersey Jerry released the winner a few weeks back and Portnoy eluded to the fact that if Kirk is a "world ranked mini golfer then we have one of the best mini golf companies in the world". That clearly means Kirk did not win and maybe a few people finished in front of him. That kind of takes the polish off for the Minifans.

    12. Sam Smart says:

      What did jerry say at 30:10? Might have been “bag” but prolly should have edited that one out

    13. Rick Jenkins says:

      Kirk was 2 back the entire day and his first putt is shown @ the 26 minute mark? Wacky choice.

    14. Joe Cheadle says:

      really hope cheah and rico collapse bad

    15. “I recycle, I open the door for women”😂😂😂

    16. Slight error on Jeff D Lowe's part saying his dad "always says" keep your head down. Unfortunately the correct formation of that thought would be, "my dad always SAID keep your head down." Because his dad is dead.
      R.I.P. to a great one.

    17. Nick: “trent, just an all around bad guy”😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Coolguy52 says:

      Comments better than the actual content

    19. kevin moore says:

      Big t sounds very suicidal here. Thank god the vols beat the gators to save his life

    20. Nick Tshonas says:

      It’s a club head and a half, sas takes 2+ clubheads, enough for an actual back swing

    21. Ethan Elder says:

      What a shit show of a title, are u guys retarded?

    22. Bbbbb says:

      Hank lost Marty’s footage because he is filling rias pussy up with cum on the regular. Condolences Henry

    23. Jake wanting to be a sports commentator is crazy to me. His voice puts me to sleep or just annoys me so much I have to skip the entire video to see the final score card. Great job by Nick though, he don't miss.

    24. Sann says:

      Absolute abortion of a production behind this series. With missing people's shots, shaky camera work, incorrect graphics matching the commentary, completely drawn out videos with filler, poor upload schedule, and outright spoilers in the title. Really, really bad job and I'm not trolling or anything this is genuine feedback if anyone from Barstool reads this you need a new producer. At most this should have been three episodes and that's only because you need to give each of the 40 people at least some screen time until the final round. The diminishing view percentage video to video speaks for itself.

    25. casey parker says:

      With each rattle of the ball going in I become more self aware how poorly I use my free time

    26. This is why barstool is the best. What a great way to get a bonus from your boss.

    27. Investing in crypto now should be the first thought in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be euphoric with the decision you took today.

    28. TFree727 says:

      how many fuckin weeks do I have to watch this hour long video????? wtf is this shit? god damn fuck

    29. Fuckin amateur hour over here at barstool

    30. Liam Jago says:

      this was dog shit. only watched for sas.

    31. Did Jerry say “f*g motherfucker”? 😂😂

    32. How in the fuck did you get 6 episodes out of this. Well done

    33. whats on JDL's arm?

    34. Matt M says:

      How can this series take so long to come out and the scores are so off every time

    35. Kyle Aitch says:

      “Looks like jerry just needs to get off the quack here” — Jake’s reaction was great. Beauty Nick

    36. Shut up Steven “I would wanna win blah blah I eat a double ritz”

    37. MCSniperrHD says:

      John rich yessir🫡

    38. Brad Lee says:

      you guys hire people with Parkinson's to work the cameras for this one?

    39. Chris Murphy says:

      So this was shot like what, last year??

    40. M Bergeron says:

      Lil Sas is such a complainer.

    41. Huskerkid95 says:

      Nicky Clicky saves another one

    42. Huskerkid95 says:

      Whoever created these titles needs fired

    43. Bob Stoops says:

      hire a new cameraman holy shit. you might throw up watching this.

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