"Birdie" Doesn't Play Around | Driving Range Diaries

Golfers in the Midwest are passionate about getting some work no matter what. This range in Chicago holds a special place in the hardcore golfers’ hearts.

Roger Steele heads back to the Windy City to see what Diversey is all about, presented by Adidas Golf.

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    17 Replies to “"Birdie" Doesn't Play Around | Driving Range Diaries”

    1. I like casual courses, I go to my driving range in jerseys, t-shirts, whatever. Most people there too. Sometimes I do like going to a course wearing a polo, shirt tucked in, they both are enjoyable for me. I prefer more laid back, but doesn't some of the down talking of people wearing traditional golf outfits defeat the purpose of inclusive and welcoming golf? I thought the mentality was be yourself and wear what you want. Isn't it kind of the same thing as say judge smails in caddyshack?

    2. Great work Rog. Love Diversey. Top level under the lights 🙌

    3. Jesusisking says:


    4. H. L. says:

      Chi town rep. Basement rat during the winter, golf course errday during summer

    5. Hello World says:

      Super chill, love it!!!!

    6. I'll say it… I don't like the promotion of changing the culture of golf. We like to dress nice when golfing and we like to see others dressed nice, also. You are at a golf course, not Walmart. Respect the culture and way of doing things, or go somewhere else. If you give people like this an inch, they'll be blaring rap music over the golf course in a matter of weeks. The same people who think they deserve limitless respect, show no respect for anyone else, in general. Go figure… (Oh look, he found some white, liberal, college kids to agree with him). Psssshhhhh

    7. Joseph says:

      It takes just as long to pick a tee shirt out of the closet as it does a shirt with a collar. Style for one is different for the next person. But I'm so glad it's becoming more of a personal choice for each individual. Be comfortable in yourself. The more everyone plays golf we all win in so many levels.

    8. Laurie Barns says:

      Love the passion. Grew up in Scotland and started playing at age 7 (1962). Now live in Asia and unfortunately see too many players in the game for the status.

    9. chilli2112 says:

      Anyone know where to get his t-shirt?

    10. Rob Burnett says:

      God I love this sport

    11. Shout outs to:

      …the O.G.’s out there still swinging clubs…
      …the “Tiger” generation who were influenced to play after watching a soon-to-be KING win his first pro tournament…
      …the dads/moms, uncles/aunts, grandparents, neighbours, family & friends that got us interested in the game…
      …my “Boys” that taught me how to have fun on those summer days when, even though we didn’t have much money after college, there was ALWAYS enough money to play golf…
      …the content creators that keep fuelling my extended golf family’s (that’s all of yous!) PASSION to keep playing and improving…

      …and to ”Ms. Birdie” who said: “PRACTICE, PLAY, PROGRESS”. #BARZ🙌🏾

    12. Megaolhesto says:

      I just love the Driving range diaries, they are just pure. No preassure, just havin' fun 🙂

    13. Kronic says:

      I disagree with this dude, golf is a classy game, we can’t make it casual or else it loses part of its appeal… Although going to the range I think it would be acceptable to go more casual as long as it’s a public range and not a private club

    14. Joshua 2832 says:

      I like my golf where you have to wear Colored shirts and slacks….public golf is horrible anymore…people with loud music screaming and slow play …no thanks

    15. #TrapGolf = FIYA!!!…..what is that u rocking today? I don't see it on the site.

    16. Flip da Whip says:

      hardest game ever = best game ever

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