Bizverse: A Metaworld for Living and Running a Successful Business

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The video was created for familiarization and shouldn’t be a name for any motion.
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    21 Replies to “Bizverse: A Metaworld for Living and Running a Successful Business”

    1. We are increasingly immersed in digital reality. this is our future, so we need to implement in these projects

    2. thank you for the review, it turned out to be high-quality and understandable

    3. Time To Time says:

      Thank you for your information. i am interest of in project.

    4. Deniskas says:

      The project is still young, and not all the declared functions are implemented I will look later and more closely.

    5. I love this video 💕💕💕💕💕

    6. Mamun Uddin says:

      Perfect & detailing review. Very informative idea. So wonderfully done everything. Keep making this kinds of creation.

    7. Again, these projects are very good and interesting. Thanks for your information.

    8. Well, this project looks interesting to me. Will try to work on it. Nice review btw

    9. vik macdick says:

      Thanks for the review of the Bizverse 👍The project is still young, and not all the declared functions are implemented 🤔 I will look later and more closely.

    10. Kimo Bebo says:

      An interesting project that needs some time before getting into it

    11. Alina Prosto says:

      videos like this really help to understand a lot of such projects. to avoid getting scammed

    12. Noman Hasan says:

      A competent and high-quality review of the project, which interested in its functionality and capabilities. I think you need to take a closer look at it to study it.

    13. Rakib Hasan says:

      Very impactful marketplace

    14. Rakib Hasan says:

      there are many oppurtunities earn money by blockchain technology… Thank you.
      Its very helpful video….

    15. at first glance, you can believe it, but even so, it is necessary that a little time pass, probably in order to convince yourself of its functions for this project

    16. Geo- Raven says:

      perfect review !what a creation .thanks to developer

    17. Ahmad Ahmad says:

      I searched a lot for this online keep it up I love your channel I follow you always you are the best

    18. liz Garcia says:

      there are people who don't know what to do or are not very well oriented in this industry… this is an excellent video that will help a lot to those kind of people

    19. Simply put, your video on the Bizverse is the finest. I was unable to discover a clear and accessible representation of what is currently being built. I'm pleased. i had some doubt about security issues. now all are clear. thanks sir

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