Bobby Fairways #8 – Short Game Struggles

Fairways and “Showtime” Featherston tackle a scorcher of a day within the California solar for a day on the course.

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    18 Replies to “Bobby Fairways #8 – Short Game Struggles”

    1. jj james says:

      "Fresh off a big ole dookie" Man I lost it on that one hahahahahaha

    2. J Edward says:

      Bobbbyyy please keep them coming

    3. Andrew W says:

      The best opening 23 seconds of any video ever

    4. Mikey Luk says:

      And I thought I broke my wrists….#featherstone

    5. Derastic says:

      That’s gotta be the worst flavor for flavored ice

    6. Featherston pace of play up front bro, geez

    7. So this is the best fkn thing I’ve ever seen in my life. God bless you

    8. Chiliz says:

      Whats Bobby’s handicap

    9. Turtle says:

      The big guy is nightmare fuel for groups behind

    10. Gabe Berger says:

      Balboa Encinino???

    11. In a year you will be the biggest golf youtube channel out there, or at least you should be. 11/10

    12. Chris Seaman says:

      Look at Donny Ice! Look at Donny Ice!

    13. Buffalytics says:

      Hiring that golf coach could be the difference

    14. ricky mcewen says:

      Your commentary is absolutely. Legendary.

    15. Cold cuts busy shopping for more horrendous threads

    16. Jared Lizo says:

      Keep killing it Bob

    17. Fairway vlogs are unbeatable

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