Bodycam: Arizona Cops Confront ‘Missing’ Illinois Family Shacked Up in Camper

Bodycam footage shows Arizona law enforcement confronting and questioning an Illinois family who were reported missing in February. National headlines about the Lutz family’s disappearance in April led to their discovery in Cochise County, Arizona — nine weeks after no one heard from them. Read more about the bizarre nature of their “disappearance”:

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26 Replies to “Bodycam: Arizona Cops Confront ‘Missing’ Illinois Family Shacked Up in Camper”

  1. Read about the bizarre "disappearance":

  2. Not Even says:

    What weirdos! Homeschooling in a crappy popup camper! Psychos!!

  3. Daniel Sampe says:

    Body cam invading this guys privacy more than anything or anyone.

  4. Interesting that this guy thinks the 'whole world' 🌎 is within the borders of the USA. 😅
    Great policing and hopefully this family will now be left alone to get on with their lives. 😊

  5. D M says:

    That dude on the phone was a coward. Well you know with the media, and stuff. So basically because he doesn’t have the gonads, he has to give away where he is? He is fine, he’s alive, he’s happy, leave him alone.

  6. I want to do this every day! Just sell everything and go live off the grid.

  7. Decker says:

    Isn't this video revealing their location now? Just saying. Let the man go and live his life.

  8. Mika N. says:

    You all realize that he broke the law by defying a restraining order, literally packed his family that he was supposed to be staying away from up over night and just left, WHILE running from an active warrent… doesnt make him a victim. He wasnt arrested for DV just once mind you. Also he had a drug problem at one time. If those kids and his wife get hurt this will blow up like the Gabby Petito case did because the cops let this man go after violating his restraining order and warrent. It's not as simple as saying oh his family was toxic he had the right to up and leave with them…. no he did not that right was taken away the minute he got that restraining order. How has that not occurred to anyone?

  9. Lola Maude says:

    It is pretty bad, when things are so bad, one feels like they need to disappear. Not a good way to handle problems.

  10. That's what me, and my best friend wanted to do. Get an rv, and go across the US, stopping to work here and there..Unfortunately, my life long best friend passed away a couple yrs ago, but watching this reminded of what we wanted to do..I completely get it.

  11. vlinnnder says:

    This officer is absolutely outstanding 🫶

  12. TT Cross says:

    I'm happy family safe but what could his daughter possibly have done he doesn't want her know where he is

  13. Vibrant Hues says:

    Something about this doesn't seem right 🤔…

  14. K. Renee says:

    Poor guy didn’t want anyone to know where he’s at yet his video was posted to YouTube with the county and state where he’s living. Would have been nice to honor his request and keep his location more private.

  15. Becky says:

    This policeman is amazing. Good for you, Sir

  16. Ryan Hill says:

    They are going to know where they are now

  17. Oooooo I almost wrote a comment without watching the while video! Bad bad bad

  18. She has a right to be missing if she wants.

  19. old ogre says:

    And now the entire world knows where they are AND their personal business! They need to LEGALLY disown their entire family and remove ALL rights of them to know SQUAT about them!

  20. old ogre says:

    Cops should not even be able to divulge the frigging STATE those people are in! They have every right to drop off the face of the planet if they want to and the fact that the cops will tell their ANTAGONISTS the county they are in makes it VERY EASY TO FIND THEM!!! I'd get a lawyer and find some way to be left alone for good!

  21. old ogre says:

    "Shacked Up"… Last I knew in order to be shacked up you need an UNMARRIED COUPLE not a family to be considered "shacking up" Shacking up is a DEROGATORY TERM! As in NOT NICE! Why would you use that in this situation?

  22. Ki B says:

    I got away from toxic people decades ago. Best decision ever.

  23. I love that they are TEACHING their children all kinds of neat things and he’s able to work and spend time with his children! BEST way to raise a family! Others deserve to know they are alive and well but not necessarily where.

  24. Martin Flint says:

    The family just wanted to get away from the drama this is the US and your allowed to be free to go wherever you want to!!!

  25. Briandrum says:

    What sucks the most about this video is that now that it's been released the family members who drove this poor family away from their home now know where they are. I hope the Lutz family was given the heads up that this video was going to be released, or at the very least that there's a chance it could get released so they could pack up and move from this area of AZ!

  26. Liam O'Shea says:

    That's bs the cops are going to put on their social media that they spoke to the family…..doesn't that tell everyone where they are.

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