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    6 Replies to “Breaching the wall Pitching Accuracy”

    1. gordon smith says:

      WOOOHOOO YEA can see the ball all the way excellent stuff JH

    2. Good to see you getting your feet wet JH. Looking just like a mini Mo. What I get from this is firstly, take the club face back as square for as long as possible and extend, extend, extend.

    3. Pat Ryan says:

      Good tip on the settings. I never knew you could do that!

    4. Bayou Golf says:


      Very solid and precise shots

      Breaching the wall looks smooth

      It looks like some of the CL protocols are still in place

    5. john donohoe says:

      Looks good JH. Since viewing those videos I made. I noticed I was getting handsy on the way back. Since then I tried a little pressure down, the push and pull. Little better.

    6. Chris Greene says:

      Great view dtl with gray sky. Looks like an open stance when pitching?

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