Breaking News: Matt Adams Explains Tiger Woods Takeover

Matt Adams dives deep into the PGA Tour’s announcement that Tiger Woods will be named as the 6th Player Director for the PGA Tour’s Policy Board.


14 Replies to “Breaking News: Matt Adams Explains Tiger Woods Takeover”

  1. Mr Addiction (sex, drugs, etc.), Mr Loyalty, Mr Cheapskakes will now join the board. When has he stood up for regular players? Didn`t tig and the Leprechaun want to start more limited fields? Didn`t he criticise those who went to LIV? Tig is old news and only stood up for himself.

  2. Tim Ehrler says:

    This news is like watching paint dry. It's boring and I could care less. 🤷

  3. Same corruption, different actors.

  4. Jkbone says:


  5. The problem the players on the board have is they have a full time job of being Tour players, so its challenging to devote enough time to the pressing issue of the framework agreement and alternatives and their day job. Tiger does, and this hopefully shapes any potential deal for the betterment of the the game and not just the top players or the PGA Tour leadership. It also confirms the lack of trust the leading players have with the existing structure. and leadership. This is just the start.

  6. …Tiger is there solely to make sure HIS business interests with the PGA Tour are safe, moving forward…😏

  7. This deal is never gonna go through

  8. I’ve written more elsewhere but yes, time will tell whom tiger joining this board is for the good for.
    As a journeyman rank and file, I’m not sure I’m jumping up and down with joy just yet. Tiger and the big boys are very associated with Monahan and the brass as you describe.
    As Far as real needle Movers only one man has moved any needle a fraction of tiger, and that of course is Phil.
    Everyone else —players and non players-are just enjoying the fruits of those needles getting moved by tiger.
    But even tiger needs to remember that the real long term star in Golf is Golf itself.

  9. The players are being set up so if the PGA folds, THEY will take the fall. Not Monahan or the board. If this agreement was a good one, the PGA would give the players their rights to their own images and MEDIA. Tiger has always looked after his OWN interests (that happens sometimes to a coke addict)

  10. Tiger is doing this for HIMSELF -Monahan is trying to keep his job. The players will have say until the next time that they don't. This will be the downfall for the PGA Tour.

  11. JustVideos says:

    lol. Cantlay is on the players board? No wonder they'll never improve their pace of play issues.

  12. gürhan kaya says:

    Nice1, ill wait for the thinking mans show. Those guys are great pundits

  13. Pgat tradition as we know it is being flushed down the toilet.

  14. G. Wills says:

    I hope that Tiger Woods will harmonize the Union rather than antagonise it. Golf is a global game and huge investment by those with the financial means will continue regardless. I hope the PGA Tour will choose to be a part of the future of the global game of golf.

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