Briahna Joy Gray: Brett Favre's FRAUD Is Even Worse Than You Think

Briahna Joy Grey makes the case that elites on either side of the aisle needs to be held accountable for missteps, and that guidelines shouldn’t be bent, like within the case of Brett Favre. #Elites #BrettFavre #fraud

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    29 Replies to “Briahna Joy Gray: Brett Favre's FRAUD Is Even Worse Than You Think”

    1. Denied $172 a month with all the strings attached and millions given to Brett Favre? Unconscionable! Beyond the pale!

    2. Dalia Belton says:

      This is OUTRAGEOUS & Brett Favre & the Ex Governor should be ARRESTED!!!!!
      Where is the FBI????
      If Brett Favre was Black he would be Under the JAIL but because he’s White NOTHING HAPPENS!!! 👎🏾

    3. billy bruner says:

      So Ryan, Emily, Katie, and Kim have left the Hill because of censorship from the parent company that owns the hill, the same company that just gave Chris Cuomo his new show! Can't & won't watch the Hill anymore

    4. Hiz Story says:

      I suggest you don't even give way to a change of narrative. This is SYSTEMIC, RACIAL, CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD , CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE GOV, organized crime, .. almost anyone so called Black would be publicly hung.and charged with the full extent of the rule of law. This is a federal crime. idc about someone saying "i'm sorry" … those words don't apply to Black people who get caught. they "should" go to jail… and for a long time. ..

    5. Zé Martinho says:

      If Wesley Snipes went to jail for tax evasion, Favre and Gov. Bryant should go for this!

    6. Nat Turner says:

      This woman is an instigator, stay out of MS Business Yankee Aunt Jemimah

    7. Nat Turner says:

      Brett was just trying to Make America Great Again. as in Jim Crow Reconstruction era. What's wrong with chain Gang Labor. Cheap, and easily round up. They get free room and board and many hours out in the countryside. and hot meals!!

    8. Nat Turner says:

      Was anyone hurt? No. Was anyone killed?No. Did poor black people of Mississippi get any assistance? No . So why is this a story

    9. Paul says:

      Brett favre was the same guy who said taking the knee in the NFL was unpatriotic, then Brett Bob turn around and steal from small welfare recipient children people that served in the military forces of the United States that are now on tanning and disability, I think what Brett favre did is way worse than what he said about people taking the knee..

    10. Jasper Burgh says:

      Briahna is an important voice ,, today i found out that Apartheid state ,explaining the United Nations definition and how it may apply to the state of Israel is a no go for the Hill,, that’s kind of apart , erg zorgelijk als je het mij vraagt.. let me clarify i believe in jews & Palestina and the definition of the UN , peacetime is the best time..

    11. Ms Ravioli says:

      👋🏾 Hello, 👋🏾 Hello, 👋🏾 HELLOoooOoooO, Everyone!!!!!!!
      💚 💚 ¡I'm loving the green apple mock top! 💚 💚

    12. He should be in jail😡! They all should be in jail!

    13. The Male Welfare Queen!

    14. TeddyG210 says:

      Reeves has a fitness trainer? A FITNESS TRAINER?! That’s the first red flag that this boy is involved in this fraud! lol 😂

    15. Jam D 1jones says:

      Disgusting! At the highest levels

    16. Years ago I was sanctioned for not informing agent of new hire in due time (Their words) The department gets alerts through social security number. All those families denied services so this wealthy former athlete can get the money. What did those families suffer. All those elected officials should be prosecuted with, Mr. Farve.

    17. John Rivers says:

      Doxing and handing out torches and pitch forks when elites try this nonsense.

    18. Dear white people🙄 This is why white supremacy has prevailed for so many years. FRAUD! The people in this country stole. Now, WHAT? Stop calling people of color lazy.

    19. Nate GZ says:

      Fiscal conservatism has always meant take money from public and out it in private hands. Defunding school and giving to private schools vía vouchers is another example. Underfunding public transit so more people have to buy cars and gas is another example. Also not funding universal healthcare so that poor people can’t see a primary care doctor.

    20. She knocked this out of the park lol. I bet the comments will still act like CRT is the most important thing ever. Trump has top level Documents & the Saltine sitting next to BJG wants to act like it’s obvious to be enraged by this but doesn’t gaf about Trump’s criminal activity.

    21. Rw W says:

      republican party is no longer smart and conservative …

    22. Megan Baker says:

      She’s right that many low-income families get their kids taken away, not for intentional neglect, but for consequences of being low-income, such as heat or water being turned off. There is such a thing as willful neglect, however, and this can be found among middle and upper-class people everywhere. We just refuse to acknowledge, study, or punish it.

    23. Hey! The water ain’t safe to drink but man, we got a new volley ball stadium!

      Just another example of how sick and corrupt ameriKKKa is!

    24. If you rob a bank and pay the money you stole back to the bank plus interest…, YOU ARE STILL GUILTY OF ROBBERY!

      Farve is a criminal and everyone involved in this scheme need to go to prison!

    25. flj4957 says:

      First time I seen ya on here,great reporting,I'll be bk lol

    26. Favre was given money to talk at fundraisers… which he then used to build athletic facilities at a school and he's a monster?
      Did he buy drugs or cars… did he gamble it away? No… he paid for a indoor field to be built so kids can play sports on it?

    27. Ramona C 64 says:

      This is the best report Briahna has done. Improving.

    28. An excellent presentation of this scandal. Thank you for your clarity. Where is the outrage? (besides yours and mine, that is)

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