Brian Harman Does This – 30 Second Tip That Will LOWER Your Scores (Golf Tips)

Mark Crossfield presents a must-watch video that promises to lower your golf scores in 30 seconds.

Watch to learn the game-changing advice and witness its positive impact on your golf performance.


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Welcome to The Golf Shop Online YouTube channel. This YouTube channel is designed to help you improve your golf game and to help you gain more enjoyment from this challenging game.

We have enlisted Mark Crossfield, our online golf professional, who is recognised as one of the most honest reviewers on YouTube. For many years, he has concentrated on golf club reviews, unboxing, news, tips, and ideas to improve your game.

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One Reply to “Brian Harman Does This – 30 Second Tip That Will LOWER Your Scores (Golf Tips)”

  1. Excellent advice Mark! I have this shot a lot in my course of playing and a lot of the times I do not make the green. I suppose that I'm too obsessed with he pin. Get it on the green could save a stroke or two Mark.

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