Brian Harman runs away with the 151st Open Championship. Do we feel bad rooting for a closer tournament? Are self-righteous golf tweeters the worst? Will Rory ever win another major? Will JT make the Ryder Cup team? We also get hyped up for our Korn Ferry Tour broadcast coming up this week, Messi delivering in his first game in Miami, and new movies. 

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Intro 00:00 – :32
Brian Harman Wins The British Open – :33 – 7:03
Finish Lacked Drama – 7:04 – 11:16
Brian Harman – 13:12 – 21:23
Ryder Cup – 21:24 – 28:47
Staying Dry In The Elements – 30:56 – 32:43
Dewey – 32:44 – 33:08
Jon Rahm – 33:09 – 34:26
Rory McIlroy – 34:27 – 38:39
Drive For Show Putt For Dough? – 38:40 – 41:35
No Drama – 41:36 – 44:29
Royal Liverpool – 46:59 – 50:25
Matthew and Alex Fitzpatrick – 50:26 – 53:55
British Open Crowd – 53:56 – 57:12
Major Season Over – 57:13 – 57:37
NV5 Invitational Presented by Old National Bank – 59:41 – 1:15:46
Lionel Messi – 1:15:47 – 1:19:16
Travel – 1:19:17 – 1:24:23
Bowlero – 1:24:24 – 1:26:38
Movies – 1:26:39 – 1:30:41



  1. Troy gt says:

    Bro spazzed out and is bitching because Brian Harman won, it’s called the gentleman’s game. Be a gentleman and be happy for the guy wtf is bro on about 😂

  2. Ryan Deal says:

    Big Brian Harman guy

  3. Totally agree with Frankie on Rory's post-missed putt reactions getting on my nerves too.

  4. Frankie is…..annoying

    I hate that I have to listen to him to get Dan content.

  5. hashnbash says:

    Riggs and Frankie are starting to feel pretty disconnected from the majority of the golf viewing public

  6. omgHeadshots says:

    As a European I really hope you pick Justin Thomas, he’s been awful all year

  7. Bob R says:

    Guys, Bob Charles was lefty!

  8. Mark Ryan says:

    Never mind being a Brian Harman fan, I'm turning in to a Dan Rapaport fan!

  9. Ding L Barry says:

    It came across kind of weird and a bit harsh that the one dude on this panel brings up that he's playing in a qualifier the following day and neither guy acknowledged it and/or wished him any luck. I would imagine that these guys are friends on some level or at the very least co-workers… what would possess them to not build their boy up? Is there a jealousy or animosity on some level?

  10. Ding L Barry says:

    I understand the argument that it wasn't exciting for most viewers, however it was for me. I'm a bit goofy though, I've always rooted for the Corey Conners, the Keegan Bradleys, the Brian Harmons, etc. I don't know why but I love to root for the guys who are good golfers (and seem to be good people as well), who teeter on the line of being great golfers…. as a result I rarely get the fulfillment of one of my guys to lead and ultimately win a major (however I did enjoy the Cam Smith, the Phil Michelson and even the Hideki major wins in recent years as well). The whole time I was rooting for Harmon to build on his lead… I didn't want any dramatics, since it is so rare for one of my top tier favorite guys to be in contention and ultimately win a tournament in general let alone a major.

  11. As an Englishman, the way you described England made me PMSL. Terrible take but I forgive you three stoopid Yanks 😉

  12. The man just won the Open. He has kept a card on the tour for how many years? He is 120th in driving, that’s bad? On the biggest tour in the world? Dude sank like 95% of putts within 10 foot. It was like 49 putts total, he made 48. I thought it was a great tournament, and he outlasted the best in the world! Shoutout to Brian Harmon!

  13. Wow…. Spoken like some city ass kids. Get outside and see some countryside. Learn how to drive a standard pickup. Learn what a PTO is on a tractor and teach your kids the outdoors.
    Fkn generation we live in pisses me off. Bunch of computer junkies worried about likes and what gets them off during a golf tournament.
    Y’all should try being men sometimes.

  14. Jack says:

    Dan speaking over everyone yet again. Dude shut the fuck up

  15. Yung Lerk says:

    Riggs and Frankie are big politics guys when it comes to the Ryder Cup. They don’t acknowledge recent play, only if he’s buddies with guys on the team and a cheerleader for the US

  16. jack hadland says:

    Good golf can and normally is boring. Fairways greens and 2 putts. It's a chess game, well played Brian. It's a shame they didn't entertain you guys

  17. Jacob McCain says:

    If they give JT a spot over someone more deserving especially someone who's won this year itd make me question the captain.

  18. ConnorZ says:

    I’m with Dan on the JT Ryder cup take. How can you justify putting a guy who can’t even break 80 on the team

  19. 😂 It's like I know how, it's been happening for a decade 😂Frankie

  20. The Kid says:

    Are these guys clueless. He was in the running at the U.S. Open…Mentally he handled the weather better than anyone else….Tiger would not have made the cut at this OPEN…Not exactly the best walking course when you have 1/2 a leg…..STOP IT…..Now, the Ryder Cup….Jack Nicklaus should be on the team then if J.T is….Both were great in the past on Ryder Cups….Someone give Riggs a drug test….

  21. Joey Crouch says:

    Disagree that there was no story. No one has had more top 10s w/o a win since 2017 besides him. Had an array of golf superstars nipping at his heals the whole time. The whole Sunday I was shaking on his behalf worrying he'd blow it like Hatton or Fleetwood or smthn. Think it's incredibly wishful thinking to expect that a 2019 Masters championship is gonna happen once a year. As soon as u drop that dream major/love story drama expectation you'll start to enjoy em more! Also disagree that this Open changes nothing for the guy, it'll be like Danny Willett, everytime u see him it's like ooo Open Champ, even if he's not a top dog in golf. (Still loved the pod ep, these are just my ops).

  22. B.J. Seifrit says:

    Title of this Fore Play episode should have been “Bad Takes.” Love the podcast but as a golf fan I couldn’t disagree more. Seeing Harman, a guy that no one expected to win before the tournament, a guy that fans were openly rooting against, beat all the guys that everyone expected to win was awesome. Also, love when an American wins The Open when there are numerous Europeans in contention, that should count for something and be part of the story but wasn’t even mentioned. Dan implying that Fitzpatrick winning the US Open was one of the most exciting major results since Tiger 2019 is hilarious. Fitzpatrick is equally as boring as Harman. I get he is Dan’s boy but come on.

  23. I’m going to be a Brian Harmon fan going forward

  24. Alex Brint says:

    Really enjoyed the major. Thought it was very exciting to see the elites of the world were trying to keep the pressure on, especially Rahm. Strakka too very impressive

  25. Pat Brosnan says:

    Well, Ben Hogan was 36 when he won #2 of 9 majors and 5 foot 8, so maybe the start of the Brian Harman era…

  26. If you’re in bad form, then you absolutely should miss out on Ryder cup in favor of the guys having a great season. Dan is correct on this. I don’t understand how Riggs and frank finds this unfathomable

  27. Wade Preston says:

    I disagree completely. I loved watching Brian Harman. It was entertaining to watch him pick the course apart.

  28. Old Ben says:

    here comes the "it was boring"…dude its golf, the best player takes it, I cant believe people watch this sport and actually say shit like thta

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