We can’t get over brian harmans whats in the bag and neither will you! Brian harmans very surprising whats in the bag has shocked golf fans! Brian Harman secured his biggest career victory at the 2023 Open Championship in which he won by six shots! Brian Harman won the Claret Jug at Royal Liverpool by six shots but what clubs did Brian have in his bag?

So many golf fans are so surprised by his choice of driver, putter and even wedges, but have these been in the secret to him winning the open? So many golf fans have been talking about brian harmans whats in the bag, how did brian harman win the open, what helped brian harman win the open and what clubs did he use to win it.


We go right through the bag, from putter, irons, wedges and driver, find out exactly is in his bag in todays breaking news video.

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  1. BACK 9 FILMS says:

    What do you think of this bag setup?


  3. Im still using the Cobra King F9 driver and for me its $… I have no plans to spend near $500 for 1 or 2 yards. I get the pros are tied to brands and don't have the same choice but it a breath of fresh air to see him sticking to what works.

  4. Low key good ole boy who knows how to pay his bills!!! Through golf on the PGA tour. Humble but gritty…..A true dog. I know this why? I see his name on the Club Champion trophy at Southbridge golf club in Savannah Ga. Not once 3 x. I think he was 14 or 15. My best friend got shalacked by Brian in those days who was a CC for 2 yrs. Now he beats the crap out of me. Brian is the mix alot but hasn't brought it home.. It's nice to that on any given Sunday a great humble family man down to earth..Best on those 4 days win!!! Be the best and is the freaking Open Champion 🏆. Way too go Brian. Love the channel. Brian should of kept his putting findings to himself!!! If it was me…..!!!

  5. Andy Ward says:

    Alex 'never heard of' the number 16 player in the world

  6. 7:54 'it's daft to play a full of set blades' Me: These lads maybe know what they're on about

    10:10 'Woods when he won in 2004' Me: Ok probably not

  7. Rory needs to try Harmans putter and mirror

  8. Andy Wood says:

    Watched him over the last few years, and he played great at the Scottish open the week before. Had a £1 ew at 75-1. Winner winner chicken dinner

  9. D&C C&D says:

    The weather was a factor. He got off to a hot start so par golf was always going to be very competitive. After the second day, he did what he was supposed to do. He stayed out of the bunkers.

  10. leftyjcw says:

    The only thing that bothers me is that in this “modern” world, being the best, that week, isn’t good enough. I’m shocked how many pundits don’t know him. That’s amazing.

  11. Cres Dodd says:

    He's been a cash machine the last 5 years

  12. C'mon guys, that putter isn't near as hideous as the L.A.B. MEZZ or as huge as the L.A.B. Directed Force!!

  13. mark hinde says:

    I dread the day when golf becomes like wrestling, the big stars take it in turns to win the majors, I get the impression listening to the way the media and pundits treat Harman, that's what they would prefer

  14. u y says:

    Ball roll back ? , a short hitter won on a difficult course , exactly where a power hitter should have an advantage = regular tour event set ups are too easy and should be set up like a open venue if you want the pro's challenged everytime . Why not reduce the driver C.O.R and head size (400cc) for tour players and leave the ball alone ! .

  15. Timmy Gasman says:

    A friend won £450 on him from a very small free bet😁

  16. John Sadler says:

    What's funny to me about club sponsorship is that I wouldn't have a clue what they are playing until someone points it out. What they wear, on the other hand, is what I notice. I reckon Footjoy and Nike probably get the most bang for their buck. Pretty hard to miss Cam Smith and Penguin but no clue what clubs he uses.
    Not sure why we care that much as their clubs are so fine tuned to what they need that they are possibly nothing like what we buy off the shelf. Rahm kept winning after leaving TM and I'm still shit after changing from Tommy Armour to Cleveland 🙂

  17. John Sadler says:

    Peter Finch tipped Brian as winner early in the week. Who would have thought? Nice to see a set that isn't all blades.

  18. Doug Hirsch says:

    He dominated the field.

  19. Why so glum boys when a huge star doesn't win a major? Harman was better then everybody this time around. Where is the the adulation and respect for a player who just reached the pinnacle? (and by 6 shots) It seemed that the hope and pressure for Rory & Tommy on your side of the pond was the same as the last 59 years of Canadians wanting a Canadian Open Champion. They both played well but it was Harman's week.

  20. nzfarmboy80 says:

    I love my Tour AD shafts

  21. He might not be sponsored by Titliest at all. Look at Jason Days bag, Ping driver, SIM 3&5 woods and TM Stealth 7 wood with irons from I believe 2020/1. No TM sponsor though. If you look at Jordan Spieth he is totally Titliest, clothing too. Harman uses what he feels comfortable with, I doubt very much Titliest would allow the TM putter

  22. I disagree a rolled back ball would not allow Harman to win. It would give him the chance to win even more in the future.

    The future also needs courses like this. Unfortunately it’s hard for the future to make courses as well designed as the past (with maybe some modern alterations like 17).

    Also we need to get over this obsession with big name bombers otherwise that’s all we will get. Harman winning I think is better for golf than any of the big boys.

    I for one love to see the best putters winning. It the best bombers. I enjoy bombers but I like to see the best golfers win. And when put on a proper golf course Jarman is one of the best golfers in the world. He really is. Sublime shot game. Super strong mind. Strategist. Steady. Just a complete golfer.

    Harman “drawing” his putts (using a mirror) is exactly what JT needs to work on.

    Enjoyed it.

  23. I blended my new set too! I got Ping G430 power spec 8-wedges and 5,6 hybrids! Amazing.

  24. JesHuds says:

    TaylorMade didn’t force Rory to change. Rory had to change because his was becoming borderline illegal. As it was breaking in more and more it became hotter and hotter. Many TaylorMade players are using older clubs including Rory. He plays a sim2 3wood. Morikowa plays a sim driver.

  25. drgrzz says:

    The fans at the British Open were a disgrace. Open heckling of Brian Harman. What classless jerks.

  26. Jeff C says:

    Definitely a meh winner. His career is trending as he is obviously getting some “perspective” as he gets older but yeah not a head turner.

  27. You’ve never heard of him because TV only wants the STARS to shine. They are the story. They are the only ones who get tv time. If you’re not in a FEATURED group then nobody will see you

  28. Cheers to Brian 🐊⛳️🦅🇺🇸❤️

  29. peedee says:

    The Harman win surprising? One of the Sky pundits gave him a pretty strong mention at one point in the practice days.
    All the attributes for a poor weather golfer…shorter stature, hitting the ball mostly under the wind, not trying to overpower the course, and pulling off some massive long putts at crucial times of wavering to maintain his comfortable lead in the tornament.

  30. Nick Millar says:

    I’m glad someone won a major besides the mega rich boys

  31. Was a great win but he played that good it ended up being a 1 horse race and unfortunately that doesn’t get us on the edge of our seats on the back 9 of the final round

  32. Jim M says:

    The last thing Professional golf needed was a boring Open Championship. I kept flipping the channel to see if anybody was gaining on Harman. I ended up watching very little of the tournament and when I was watching I was bored to tears. I would have been perfectly happy to see Harman win but in a tight battle with several of the big names. This was BORING and as I said, a boring blowout win in a major is the last thing Professional golf needs right now.

  33. Lou0830 says:

    Mate. Great information but what ball does he use? Titelist??

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