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33 Replies to “Brian Manzella | LAG IS BEING TAUGHT WRONG! w @brianmanzellagolf”

  1. JB says:

    Great content by Brian Manzella as always, but BBG please dear God stop interrupting your guests constantly. The person being interviewed cannot stay on a topic long enough to bring home a point without being cut off and diverted by a question on an unrelated topic.

  2. Eric says:

    I've never heard of Brian but knew he was from the New Orleans area as soon as he spoke. I need to get down the road for a lesson!

  3. Don’t do this…this guy is wrong…this isn’t correct…blah blah blah. What should a player do? He never says. Not a fan

  4. Brian is a great instructor, one of the "few" out there that actually know what the club is doing in the swing.

  5. john brown says:

    old school……..enough SAID….

  6. Joe D says:

    Manzella is speaking in circles, there is no direct route to Nonsenseville.

  7. B S says:

    Love your channel! Found you last summer fall, and Kwon and a couple of other videos have really impacted and made my game better! This guy is fun, but for sure gets too deep in a story after you asked him a question, need a bit more direct, and I can follow usually really easy when it comes to golf. But I think he’s super passionate about it, just gets a little lost in the weeds on this video.

  8. More Scott Lynn please.

  9. Ed Lo says:

    To me it never made sense to have the handle way forward because you are removing all of the bounce on the club.

  10. Burque34 says:

    I’ll stick with Malask and Milo.

  11. Steve Nida says:

    It’s one of Brian’s older videos, but the stuff in Soft Draw pattern is better for us sub 100 mph clubhead speed humans than chasing that impact “look” John Rahm and DJ have as well as trying to overly lay down the shaft with some kind of weird manipulation rather than have it happen naturally

  12. Wow, this definitely brought back some memories for me. I took a series of half day lessons from Manzella some years ago and while he’s interesting to listen to, didn’t help my game much.

    A LOT of talking but just all over the map with regard to specific instruction. At the end of each session my head was spinning.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’s entertaining and a funny guy, but tough for me to follow his advice.

  13. zor nob says:

    BBG is a great clearinghouse for golf instruction that makes a difference. That said – I think Manzella makes a case against his brand. He isn't being helpful here but instead just contrarian to carve out his own niche in a crowded instruction market. These ('most') golfers he's talking about won't put in the hours, exercise, etc. to make any meaningful change and by that proven fact aren't really interested in the first place. So why should the rest of us with higher swing speeds suffer his blather.
    To be fair to the channel, and 'assist' Manzell, I think it would be wise to take the bulk of Manzella's footage and edit it down to one concise 'get-to-the-point' video.

  14. Takeaway. Don’t shove the club forward for a stock swing. Cool never seen that taught like that anyway. It’s a byproduct of not casting your writs and elbows early and have a correct downswing sequence

  15. Moe Foley says:

    I learned nothing from your first two vids with Manzella; other than he talks alot about what not to do in his HUMBLE opinion.
    I believe he is trying too convince us to release EARLIER, which is currently a hot topic on YouTube now.
    Please, get him to show us his technique of releasing from the top rather than holding the lag.

  16. 555Trout says:

    Missed his calling in used car sales.

  17. Lag can't be taught. Lag is a natural reaction to the proper focus. The opposite of lag is early extension. If the ball is your target you will have early extension every time. There is no training aid to fix your focus. But if you want to get the proper feel of releasing at the target instead of at the ball I would tell you to try the LAG SHOT.

  18. GJack says:

    I think the biggest issue that is not addressed in the video is the fact that people confuse drill work with golf swing. There are teachers who will have you “hold” lag or leverage to strengthen your pivot motion. It’s not an absolute but just a means to an end. As your pivot develops then you can learn to release the club properly. Many people see clips, shorts, reels, etc from an hour lesson and think that’s all it’s about.

  19. This is such an interesting video. BM has articulated the big disconnect many have seen in the different approaches taken by the instructors highlighted here. Compare Milo with Malaska. Do they teach the same game? It may not be as exciting, but maybe Jones, de la Torre, Dr. Kwon with his rope drill, and all those focusing on the club rather than the body are on to something.

  20. Brian Manzella is the man! I speak from personal experience. I had lessons with him and he completely changed my golf game, vastly improved!

  21. bill enright says:

    one of my favorite teachers. been watchin the crafty cajun pro for yrs. common sense stuff.

  22. John Wood says:

    If a person is giving you gold, please learn to keep quiet and let them speak.

  23. Brian is fun to listen and lot off good information 👍 I start laughing when he show that modern tour swing 😂 It depends show much about player. Tour pro needs control and beginner effortles speed. 🌈✌️

  24. G E says:

    I would love to go to a bar with this dude but I won’t let him talk golfswing to me if he paid me for it:) If I had to think about my golfswing like this I would use ALL my brainpower on the 1st tee.

  25. martynzl says:

    Love to hear Milo Lines's thoughts as I think he is one of the biggest shills that BM is ranting about. No offence BM. Does anyone know the names of other shill instructors that BM is referring to?

  26. All he talks about is what not to do, would love to know what he wants us to do.

  27. jay dubeck says:

    Manzella and Jacobs are awesome! Most people don't know it was Brian M. who started the move to finding out the science of the golf swing, from his old golf forum. He got the ball rolling( pun intended) He was the initiator and the first or one of the first instructors to introduce, use and promote Trackman.
    Brian deserves a lot of kudos for what he's done to help better the game and he gave instructors something to put in their tool box to help golfers get better, thanks Brian!

  28. David says:

    He sounds like my parents ranting about how bad music was in the 90s growing up (though it was fantastic), & me now as a parent ranting about music in 2020s lol. This guy is great, gonna check out all his methods, love his passion, & he definitely knows what he's talking about.

  29. This guy is way more confusing than enlightening

  30. TJ W says:

    Exactly what Jack Nicklaus had said in his video about the lag. Brian knows what he’s talking about.

  31. ollie bear says:

    Two ways to swing a golf club……PRO and Amateur. Only Pros can swing a Pro swing.

  32. Kathy Baxter says:

    John Holmes had very little lag, hit it a mile

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