British Open Championship – Final RD – PGA2K23

Just been a little off my game the last few weeks. Thinking about taking a little break or possibly doing a sunday stream of all 4 rounds again.

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7 Replies to “British Open Championship – Final RD – PGA2K23”

  1. Unlucky man, you actually hit it well this round, some bad breaks. I still cannot get the hang of master on this game, sometimes I play amazing, -14/15, then the very next round is garbage, don't get it.

  2. MikeScatena says:

    I watched you for a while now, you went from being confident and having fun, to literally begging for every shot to be ok. There is zero confidence anymore which is crazy since you’re #1 OWGR

  3. Don’t worry you will kick ass in the next one. I’m on month 2 now just trying to get my tempo right with the new controller lol. Can’t wait to start playing TGC Tours.

  4. Head up kawk! keep at it

  5. The greens on this course would drive me nuts

  6. Matt Hook says:

    what were the physics on 12?! close man. Really got some bad breaks on the greens.

  7. are you using wilson irons and wedge in pga tour 2k23

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