Budget COSTCO COBRA Irons vs $1,000 Cobra LTDx Irons!? SHOCKING!

Budget COSTCO COBRA Irons vs $1,000 Cobra LTDx Irons!? SHOCKING! When shopping for new golf golf equipment we at all times need the perfect golf golf equipment for us… however does that imply you need to purchase an costly new driver? do you want the perfect driver of 2022? the longest driver of 2022? perhaps you want essentially the most forgiving driver of 2022… none of which sound like they are going to be low cost golf golf equipment? What about shopping for golf golf equipment from Costco? we’ve got all seen the Kirkland golf golf equipment. Kirkland golf balls, costco golf golf equipment and costco golf balls have been an enormous hit, now you’ll be able to even purchase Cobra golf golf equipment from costco in a bundle set. funds golf golf equipment may properly be the way forward for golf…cheapo bundle units particularly… however what’s the distinction between an costly 2022 Cobra LTDX irons, vs a funds bundle irons? let’s discover out… and let’s do it now!


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    20 Replies to “Budget COSTCO COBRA Irons vs $1,000 Cobra LTDx Irons!? SHOCKING!”

    1. Adam Grace says:

      Next to the ketchup paper 😂😂

    2. JDDD33 says:

      Great video !! Cobra XL or Callaway Edge (from costco) ?

    3. UrbanLikwid says:

      The chef who cooks the best not the kitchen.

    4. Kevin Maxted says:

      I wud love them clubs sir to replace my slazenger from sports direct

    5. Boone Docker says:

      As i have said before, golf is about consistency. You can't change clubs and balls all the time. Pick equipment and learn to play with it. Whats better? When you stand over it, you know where its going, how far, and what you need to do with it to score.

    6. Scott Killam says:

      Love this video. As a new golfer just starting out this year with a set from a yard sale this video helps me with deciding on as you call it a budget set or if I need to save for another year or more and buy a high end set of clubs.
      Thanks for the video and keep up the great work. 👍

    7. Just bought set of cobra Ltdx from a PGA golf fitting. 6 to PW.

    8. In the end all you really need to know is the distance you hit them. If the set is gapped enough to suit your game it is totally worth the $. Idk if the hybrid and woods would be as close but as irons go they are good looking and perform.

    9. D Fitzy says:

      Great video. Always keep a cheaper version in mind when buying clubs. Just wondering though if the more expensive set is more forgiving for an average golfer allowing for better play? A really good golfer can make shots with just about any club I would bet. I once knew someone who was such a good pool player, he could beat anyone with a broom handle!

    10. James G says:

      What a video. Great golf, great banter, and some comedy mixed in. "I felt like Mary Poppins".🤣

    11. hitting the ball better these days James..no more pulls

    12. Vern Haynes says:

      Well done James. Love your shows!

    13. Very impressive spin numbers from the Costco Cobra irons, I would take spin over distance

    14. chrossphyre says:

      I'm not a good enough player to reliably get the 10 extra yards out of those premium irons, and it probably wouldn't matter if I did. So for me the clear winner would be the XL Speed set. I was actually in the market for a new set this year and for some reason Costco did not have a set available. So I ended up ordering a MacGregor DCT3000 set which gave me more clubs for less money than even the Cobra set. I've just unboxed them and initial impressions of quality, fit and finish and overall value are very positive. I'll take them down to the range and compare them against my ancient rustbucket Powerbilt Fuzzy Zoeller set (yes, they are that old) and see how we get on.

    15. I think 10 yard difference on an 8 iron is significant and would mean if you can afford the premium club it’s worth it . but for new players or those on a budget to Cosco clubs look like a great option.

    16. Richard Kemp says:

      Costco numbers seemed better to me, better spin numbers

    17. Rob Healy says:

      What's ketchup paper? Never seen that in costco! 😆

    18. 1400 more revs with the Costco iron?
      Means more stopping power which was the biggest problem I had with Cobra Speedzone irons.
      Always hitting off the greens.

    19. Greg Svoboda says:

      James may i ask if you have tried the Wilson D9 forged, i thinking of getting and set, or some of the power bats that Chris the crim is using. just wondering

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