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The Buffalo Bills took the best player on their board in Round 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft, selecting offensive lineman O’Cyrus Torrence out of Florida, who was broadly projected to go to Buffalo in the first round despite not being a typical archetype fit for offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. In the third round, the Bills selected Tulane linebacker Dorian Williams, who is not seen as an archetypal middle linebacker (which Buffalo lost when Tremaine Edmunds went to the Chicago Bears in free agency). Aaron Quinn and Chris Kepner host a roundtable Buffalo Bills podcast with Cover 1’s Joe DeRosa, Thomas DeLaus, and special guests to discuss Bills Mafia’s thoughts on the selections of O’Cyrus Torrence and Dorian Williams and Buffalo’s strategy to draft good players despite them not being obvious archetype fits.

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9 Replies to “Buffalo Bills: "Draft Good Players" over archetype fits? | FFT”

  1. Siggy114692 says:

    I was one of those guys that ran 100's of mocks and chose Torrence at #27, most times. I eventually had to trade up to 25 to take him because he wasn't making it past the NYG or Dallas. I was pretty unhappy when we didn't… until pick #59!

  2. JarjTheJargj says:

    HELL YEAH draft the best players on the board instead of scheme fits. Because

    1. Beane knows how to go out and get em in FA

    2. See #1

    3. The Bills are changing their scheme. It’s gonna be different from last year.

    4. Is anyone aware of how Filthy McNasty Harris is gonna be for us in the run game??? This dude is a monster 👹👹👹👹and unstoppable at times. More so than Singletary. Motor was great and he will be missed, but beefy Harris is able to blast through the line for one thing, and

    Edit- Kincaid is the real real. He needs to get bulked up just a slight notch and work on his blocking, but he has hands of flypaper. He is gonna be Great

  3. The tree says:

    There was only 1 good linebacker in this draft. He went 18 so that’s that.

    Also the free agent mlb group was very weak too.

  4. John Marlow says:

    Guys I love the picks and I trust the process, love Murray and Poona signings 👍

  5. Seth101 says:

    Thanks guys. Good discussion.

  6. Joe Nelson says:

    I think drafting the best player available is super important in the 1st round. Less so day two and pointless by day 3. I think Buffalo does that

  7. DertyJerzy says:

    I would have to agree with that idea of less tackles than guards available. To support that just go to the draft analysis, they always say this "guy" played tackle but will be a guard in the NFL.

  8. It will be two years before we know whether we should have drafted Dorian Williams, or one of the other players on the board at that time: OT Wanya Morris, OT Nick Saldiveri, DT Siaka IKa, CB Kelee Ringo or WR Tyler Scott.

  9. Cover 1 says:

    Do you think the Bills would have been better off drafting for archetype over grade?

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