Buffalo Sabre Jeff Skinner Goes Undercover At Sabres Fan Fest!

Jeff Skinner went undercover at Buffalo Sabres Fan Fest!

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    9 Replies to “Buffalo Sabre Jeff Skinner Goes Undercover At Sabres Fan Fest!”

    1. Madam Hikaw says:

      Great interview video.

    2. Aimee Marie says:

      The most recognizable voice ever 😂 I'd know his Canadian accent with my eyes closed!

    3. Always a smile on his face

    4. BlackIjs says:

      Needed a stache lol.

    5. Tippi Gordon says:

      I have tears in my eyes… this is hilarious!

    6. Jessi Birnie says:

      Haha good spirit skinner

    7. Skins is such a goof… I can't tell if the unadulterated obviousness was the whole shtick of the bit … But if he's trying .. At all .. Hes just terrrible .. Lol ..

    8. make this a series lol.

    9. 5ch3nk says:

      "Ask them their favorite beer." This kid is the new Mayor of Buffalo

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