Build a 365-Day 'Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing' — Grip & Address

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Begin constructing your Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing—much like the Bryson DeChambeau golf swing seen on the PGA Tour. Utilizing this sequence will aid you jumpstart your journey to extra consistency and accuracy with a 365-day golf swing.

The straightforward golf swing mechanics of Moe Norman’s constant Single Plane swing has led PGA Tour Legends like Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Tom Watson, and others to name him the ‘World’s Best Ball-Striker”—as somebody who really owned his swing—and with Moe’s legacy turning into extra broadly identified, he continues to encourage golfers worldwide to play together with his one-plane swing for a bio-mechanically appropriate movement that relieves stress on the again, making stable affect for elevated distance off the tee, and uncover what Moe referred to as the “Feeling of Greatness.”

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Graves Golf is the Worldwide Authority on the SIMPLE & CONSISTENT Single Plane Golf Swing© of Moe Norman—the legendary Canadian golfer who many Tour Professionals thought to be the World’s Best Ball-striker. Graves Golf is a hub for full golf sport instruction throughout the US with in-person golf camps and on-line coaching at

We’re led by Todd Graves—often called “Little Moe” after spending years coaching with Moe Norman himself and mastering his transfer—and Tim Graves, PGA licensed and Callaway Grasp Skilled named the 2020 Senior Participant of the Yr within the South Central PGA.

Starting at grip & deal with, the Single Plane Swing simplifies crucial second of the golf swing—affect. Consistency off the tee and fairway mixed with a basically sound scoring sport will help you may have enjoyable taking part in golf at any degree.

+5-Day Build Your Recreation Camps & 3-Day Premier Colleges
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    23 Replies to “Build a 365-Day 'Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing' — Grip & Address”

    1. Billy Phelan says:

      Hi Todd
      I am pulling the ball right

    2. 0:33 The divot doesn't look right.

    3. Peter says:

      I played golf badly for years trying to copy a conventional swing, thanks to Todd I'm sure I could use this swing to improve a lot, with God's grace when I get my knee replacement done I will put it into practice.

    4. Gee Mac says:

      Building a 365-day golf swing sounds like an achievable plan to me! All things Moe is the simplest way to go!

    5. Robert Busby says:

      ball position between feet

    6. I wish moe had been playing there in Torres pines today. He would have been like a tiger amongst a bunch of Chickens or something and destroyed these guys. Their swings all collapsed coming down the stretch

    7. Nothing on Moes grip.

    8. Dreamer says:

      Didn't Moe do full grip? Baseball grip I guess you'd call it. I see him using that a lot. Did he switch later on? I really don't know how much it matters, but I can't get away from that baseball grip. It feels like I have the most control, especially with Moe Normans swing. Interlock seems closest to it. Makes my hands feel as one.

    9. Paul lindhag says:

      I am interested in the ABT but have one question on this. How is it that a shorter person and real tall person using this training aid have the same stance width? Doesn't seem that it works unless you are "average" height and leg length.

    10. How long did it take to make it simple – Moe says five hard years and 600 balls a day. Simple? Please tell me he was telling a fish story here.

    11. tim lewis says:

      Very well done. You’re instruction videos are getting better and better. You’ve saved my swing and altered my approach to teaching. Thanks for keeping Moe’s Legacy functioning at such a high level.

    12. 5 years 600 balls a day . Thats what it takes to reach master level .

    13. Preston Null says:

      Thanks for this first video. It was a great help for me to see this set up at different angles.

    14. Thanks, Todd. I ordered Natural Golf several years ago, but haven't played much since. I've had a couple shoulder surgeries recently and just don't have the range of motion that I had previously. Looking forward to putting these teachings into practice.

    15. I have been using this method by watching Todd's instruction since March 2020. I have rarely broken par in 50 years of playing, but have shot rounds of 64,66, and 67 since March, and shot 68 on my 69th birthday. Thanks, Todd. I love all things Moe!

    16. ricodegranby says:

      Hi Todd. thanks for the webinar friday. Like you said to master the swing we need to master the positions. I got your advice and started taking videos. Feel is not real 😅In the address position do you confirm 15 to 20 degrees of side tilt with the irons and woods ? sounds a lot. i'm currently 6 degrees (it's a very straight posture, probably having consequences in other parts of my swing).When I can I'll take access to your gold member academy so I could send my videos to your coaches to master all the important points. Thanks a lot. Rico

    17. I've been working on this for two weeks now, and it has completely changed my outlook on golf. I'm still having a mis-hit here and there, and I'm still working on aiming properly, but wow, I've never made contact like this before. I'm also working with one length clubs to try to simplify it even more. I would love to get a few lessons. Thank you for all of these videos. Truly game changing. When I would make great contact before, I truly felt like I just got lucky and didn't actually know what I was doing. Now It feels like something I can do, and I just need to clean it up and really hone in on the mechanics.

    18. Philip says:

      Jack, Bobby Jones, Ben, Tiger, and those of their ilk are the atypical elite golfers who used/use the "typical" golf swing versus Moe's "single plane" swing. It is my hunch that Moe's swing will enable significantly more golfers to play significantly better. Thanks Todd (and Moe.)

    19. Sueezedtight says:

      Regarding the lead arm position, at address, and the "cocking" of the left wrist (then and also later in the takeaway and rest of the swing) . Conventional swing position with arms hanging results in the left wrist being "cocked". To achieve the "rod", I have the left wrist almost fully "uncocked". Is this correct?

    20. Rob73 says:

      Hi really enjoyed video
      I have a question can I do this swing with standard clubs

    21. Single Plane Yoga anybody? breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

    22. Ian Chantrey says:

      When tilting the body at address do the hips move or just the upper body thanks

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