Bulking Season | Massive Back and Bicep Pump

Enrollment for the Health Tradition 6-Week Problem is now open.

Be part of right here:

The objective of this problem is overreaching. For the problem we’ve got two choices – We’ve designed TWO SESSIONS A DAY in a 6 day Push/Pull/Legs coaching cut up with the seventh time off (The Overreaching Program), in addition to a as soon as per day choice (any of our different applications). The principle objective right here is to coach tremendous exhausting now till Thanksgiving.

If this sounds enjoyable, you’ll be able to be part of at the moment for less than $50 for six weeks within the problem + a further 2 weeks within the app. The problem formally begins Oct 10.

Be part of right here:

Right here’s an instance of an AM PULL session:

1. BB Bent Over Row – 5×6 (Improve weight every set)
Relaxation 2 1/2 min

2. NG Pull Up – 4×8
Relaxation 2 min

3. Landmine Row – 12/12/10/10
Relaxation 2 min

4. Supinated Grip Lat Pulldown – 12/12/10/10
Relaxation 2 min

5. Cable A Fly – 12/12/10/10
Relaxation 2 min

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Code “Stevecook” for 15% off.
▷Whoop Tradition Group: Use Invite Code: COMM-9B34E7

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    26 Replies to “Bulking Season | Massive Back and Bicep Pump”

    1. Tony Sprague says:

      it's so great to see you again man. i have missed you and the videos. you have been such an inspiration to me for years now. let's get back in the game and crush it!

    2. Bring back the SWOLEDERNATION INTRO !

    3. Zac Hafner says:

      Will there be a full day of eating vid while you're bulking? I'm roughly the same weight and have had trouble hitting that 220 mark so it'll be nice to see what others are doing!

    4. Don’t matter if you’re narrow, you can still get a wide chest from heavy weights

    5. camthelambbb says:

      Always refreshing when one of the ogs posts man. Finished an Olympic triathlon in your absence 💪🏽

    6. Keep grinding Steve. Missed your videos

    7. Damn bro. Been a while. Missed you

    8. lou kush says:

      the end of the fakenatty era.

    9. Thank you Steve for the inspiration as always, great to see you back.

    10. Joey Nichols says:

      Now i gotta go find some food to eat while i watch this

    11. Saroeun Sam says:

      Always nice to have a SC workout video. Added motivation for the gym later.

    12. R M says:

      All i want is your anti-aging regimen. Retin-A, NAD+ IVs, etc

    13. Great to have you back man. Liking the training vid

    14. Dylan Mccoy says:

      Devastating. A good word for what Joe Biden is doing to our economy

    15. Welcome back sir😊👍🏻 watching you like bodybuilding with satisfaction. 2014 learner

    16. DD BB says:

      Do not buy Nike they are a Atheist Comminist Company try On Shoes, New Balance, Hoka, or
      Under Armor if your cheap

    17. wowdubbers says:

      Oh cool, Steve's alive!

    18. Alex Sanchez says:

      Welcome back, Steve Pump—I mean, Cook! ⚡️ Hoping the family is healthy and happy. 👰🏼‍♀️🐾

      Edit: aye, vanilla gorilla sighting!

    19. SeanTheSheep says:

      Steve finally a video 😅 just in time before i head out for a pull day. Thanks for the video, hope everything goes well for you and Morgan !

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