This weeks impact show looks at how the swing for the bunker shot differs from that of a full golf swing.



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    22 Replies to “BUNKER SHOT vs FULL GOLF SWING”

    1. Sam King says:

      distance to pin in this vid? are you using a 7-iron?

    2. Enstrom says:

      Top instruction lads👍👏

    3. BASSEMAN says:

      I wish y'all would get some better mics, the sound easily gets distorted when you talk a little louder.
      great video though lol

    4. I see that you guys make this technique work, but it goes against much of what Phil Mickleson is teaching in his film "secrets to the short game". He says: "the most critical element to bunker play is to continue your hands into the finish". What he means by that is that the club head should never pass the hands until late in the swing, unlike what you do here. And when it passes his hands, its just by inches. He also uses his legs more and lifts his heel. Why are you saying so much of the opposite?

    5. Mason F. says:

      Any tips on not leaving your wedge on the previous hole?? 😂

    6. Results I would certainly be happy with but a method very different from the magician's (Phil Mic). Does this require more timing to avoid blading?

    7. Always wearing matching clothes 😂

    8. thefizzer says:

      Great video….I've been looking out for something to help with bunker shots. Thanks

    9. Larry Sulky says:

      Guys, thanks for the explanation of greenside bunker shots. I'm looking for a one-swing-fits-all approach, since the bunkers at my course vary wildly in depth and condition from day to day, from bunker to bunker, and even from spot to spot within a single bunker. Just yesterday I settled my feet into deep, soft sand, and swung accordingly — unfortunately, it turned out that the sand under the ball was a thin dry layer on top of wet and packed. The club dug in and the ball went nowhere. Other days I've had the opposite problem, and ended up launching the ball 50 yards. Is there an "average" technique that will let me escape a greenside bunker regardless of the conditions?

    10. Lot of improvements in the recording and audio of the video. Well done guys 👌👍🏻

    11. Thanks for the vid. You didn't talk about opening the club face and simply pointing left of target. Or is that just a whole other topic?

    12. Los Palmas says:

      Just a quick question! Most of golf instructors are talking that a draw (when driving) is a desired ball flight. Even though looking at most of the pros, they play with a fade (especially the big hitters). Would it be better to be working on a draw or fade to be more consistant and longer?

      Thanks guys

    13. litfroooog says:

      Bunker shots are a tough part of the game to practice if your driving range doesn't have a bunkers, which most don't in Australia. Would you say this is the most under practiced part of golf in amateurs?

    14. Alan Ball says:

      Interesting, will have to try this, but from my experience when you dont weight shift, it tends to promote a hook. How are you preventing the hook from happening, or is this such a short shot that this isnt considered an issue?. Thanks Alan. PS been a follower for 12 months, keep up the great work boys.

    15. Bill Collie says:

      The animations are a terrific tool. It makes things much clearer.
      You guys have the biggest and coolestwardrobe of all the YouTube golf teachers

    16. Best description of a bunker swing vs full that I've ever seen. Thanks so much guys.

    17. southman_20 says:

      Great video this will help med alot.🖒

    18. Ben Swanton says:

      Love the bunker videos lads. Really helpful reminders about keeping the lower half stable!

    19. flo richi says:

      who is responsible for audio monitoring? i would rather appreciate audio with a little bit of windnoise than totaly clipping audio.

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