Burning Blue Design Sibson Aerodrome EGSP – A2A Simulations Comanche 250 Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Burning Blue Design are fast filling up our sims with some really excellent airfields and their latest, Sibson Aerodrome, is no exception. The atmosphere and detail that is their trademark is all here. In this video we take a close look at Sibson Aerodrome and then take the new A2A Simulations Comanche 250 on a quick flight from Sibson down to another Burning Blue Design masterpiece, Little Gransden.

Sibson Aerodrome

For the A2A Simulations Comanche 250 full video https://youtu.be/p8cdlvrJQ8I

For the Little Gransden full video

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29 Replies to “Burning Blue Design Sibson Aerodrome EGSP – A2A Simulations Comanche 250 Microsoft Flight Simulator”

  1. Loved the review and the flight. My grandfather was a B-17 copilot for the USAF and is what made me get into flight simming. Hoping A2A continues the B-17 into MSFS down the road!

  2. Reality says:

    Love GA flying
    Being real world A320 pilot , I Still and always miss GA flying and hence fly MSFS, yes A2A is amazing

  3. Derek Coaker says:

    This airplane is so awesome. Can't wait for more from A2A.

  4. SunnyStanny says:

    Another joy to watch ! Can you share your sensitivity settings for your tobii?🎉

  5. Andrew Dean says:

    Ah you’ve done it again. Wonderful as always. Another purchase coming up. Off to the burning blue website I go.

  6. True Blue says:

    Burning Blue Design and iniBuilds are high quality airports.

  7. Lewis Bloom says:

    Oh look its that famous youtuber guy!

  8. justEddie says:

    I live nearby and have often driven over to sit and watch the planes with my son, it's spot on.

  9. lee says:

    Are you using fs realistic for the takeoff cockpit bangs and creaks shakes or is this all A2A?

  10. Question- to calibrate the DG, does pressing "D" on my keyboard do the job as well as doing it manually?

  11. Where do I find that GTN 750 gps you're using on the left panel? I can't find it! Is it an addon or part of the EFB because it doesn't show on mine.

  12. Great video! Thanks for all the work you put into these. May I ask a dumb question? What is it that makes your voice change in tone when you from regular voice-over narration to being in the cockpit? What did I miss? Sorry…probably something so simple but I'm still wondering…Thanks!

  13. Chris Patton says:

    Great video. You just helped Burning Blue sell another copy of the Sibson Aerodrome (to me). As for being someone who lives across the pond, I absolutely love flying around the UK country side. The A2A Comanche 250 is second to none and has set a new bar for addon aircraft. Looking forward to your next video. Yes!, would really like to see you start live streaming.

  14. Simonmall719 says:

    Awesome, been waiting for this for ages, my first solo was there and Interseting fact for you, the static 150 G-HIVE was the reregistered G-BCXT, that was my 1st solo aircraft way back in Oct 1982, just found my log book, had quick fly around and it feels pretty/looks good 👍
    Now we just need the parachutes coming down to watch out for lol…

  15. I always love how you process your voice coms in your videos. You add some sort of sound compression into your voice channel once the headphones go on! Would love to know how you do that. Also – crunchy nut cornflakes is the pinnacle

  16. Nice review – as ever.. I can imagine that there are hundreds of real & virtual pilots hoping that the BBD team visit their local. Mine – Tatenhill EGBM

  17. Please do another warbird video!

  18. goal ski says:

    love the content! is your VA through neofly?

  19. Echo Bay says:

    Is the scenery frame rate friendly?

  20. Al Heeley says:

    Nice. Glad I'm not the only one struggling to find Little Gransden 😉

  21. White Eagle says:

    Nice, is the scenery between the airfields all default bing map data?

  22. AlphaIndigo says:

    Loooks amazing, and nice to see some history thrown in for good measure. Great Video!

  23. EvidencePlz says:

    There’s a reason why A2A picked you as a beta tester and these videos show why 🙂

  24. Well done Sir!
    I bought this lovely piece of software myself and I am happy with it.
    I remember the C172 by A2A "back in the days". That one was a Sim-changer.
    Greetings from Germany
    Grüße aus Deutschland.

  25. davenicoll43 says:

    Kimbolton school originally is where Henry VIII sent his first wife, Catharine of Aragon to see out her days after the divorce…and not far away is Fotheringay castle where another of his wives, Mary QoS lost her head….Northamptonshire, where I live is steeped in history..

  26. davenicoll43 says:

    Do you think MSFS will ever fix the length of grass at airports as it is never that long?

  27. davenicoll43 says:

    Blimey…I had a flight out of Sibson in 2006….When I saw your video and the entrance to the field it brought all the memories back, fantastic

  28. Jep says:

    Nice vid mate as always

  29. Alex says:

    Love your videos man!! One thing about the audio, I know you have the effect over the voice to sound like you're in the air. For me it just intentionally lowers the quality which becomes a little tough on the ears (high frequency, harsh) . Otherwise great, great content!

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