Bushnell Match Pro ED 5 -30×56 (BEST NEW BUDGET SCOPE??)

got to try out the new bushnell match pro ed! its looking like bushnell may have hit a home run!



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14 Replies to “Bushnell Match Pro ED 5 -30×56 (BEST NEW BUDGET SCOPE??)”

  1. Rascal Matt says:

    The reticle looks like the H59, which is my favorite reticle because it has the best referencing via all the hash ticks. I have the Vortex EBR-7c and the NF ATACR 7-35×56 with Mil-XT but honestly… my favorite reticle is still the H59 because of the 0.2mil hash marks and all those areas of reference allow for more accurate, faster follow up shots. Anyone who shots a lot, who's used a lot of different reticles knows that.
    Ironically enough, i have the H59 in my Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS II. Great glass. I had some gripes about that scope but honestly, i will be using it for PRS on a Semi Auto in 6CM that i'm just about done putting together.
    This scope seems like a great bargain for the features. My Bushnell has better glass than my Steiner T5xi, Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 and Burris optics. It's second only to my ATACR.
    Fine, floating center dots are where it's at. I use Mil instead of MOA and i love 0.2 mil tic marks on my reticle with long tic marks… the longer, the better. If you impact outside of a point of reference, you are in for a guessing game. People saying a reticle is "busy" is a bit loaded in my opinion.

  2. Justin McBee says:

    We have a shooter at Regulators Rimfire with one. He loves it!! I’d like to give one a try to compare with my Arken EP5.

  3. Gavin Bowman says:

    How is the eye box on this scope? I understand that the eye box and parallax on the Arken are not great. I am looking for a generous eye box due to my vision.

  4. Dj Alluget says:

    Good review. Seems on point to me.

  5. Rico11b says:

    Great video, Bushnell does make good stuff.
    I'd like to add something that many may not agree with, and that is the Parallax knob. To me that Parallax Focus Knob IS THE MOST IMPORTANT knob on the whole scope! I don't care how good the glass is, or the turrets, or the zoom capability, if the parallax doesn't work perfectly then the scope isn't worth a damn. That's a "hidden in plain sight" feature of a scope that doesn't get much attention AT ALL. Parallax errors can cause even the most expensive scope to be worthless junk if they don't work well. A lot of people get caught up in the quality of the glass without stopping to VERIFY that the Parallax knob works correctly, and allows you to get the sharpest image that also eliminates the error. I've seen some nice scopes that don't provide a parallax free view while at the same time also being the sharpest image possible. What's the point of having great glass if you end up being out of focus just to eliminate Parallax errors.

  6. D U says:

    Head to head comparison vs other scopes??

  7. Roma says:

    Bushnel or vortex pst?

  8. Excellent! I’ve had really good success with my Match Pro Gen 1 and speak highly of it. Bushnell has corrected all the small details that I need to replace it with a Gen 2 on my 457. Thanks for the review man! Good stuff!

  9. Dude, iv been wanting one for awhile now. Pretty kool

  10. I been wondering about this one thank you for sharing.

  11. Kris Enstrom says:

    I got one and am not disappointed.

  12. Paul Hoppe says:

    I was able to get one. I am pumped but I have not taken it out yet. I like my elite tactical xrs3 for my 6.5.

  13. Devin Brock says:

    Arken ep5 vs bushnell ed? Ur thought on it

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