Callaway Apex Pro Series 2024 Lineup – The First Word!

Zack Oakley is back with Mark and Jack to discuss the Fall product launch for the Callaway Apex Pro Line of clubs.

They take a deep dive into the technology behind the clubs, the inspiration of their design, and the players who will benefit the most.


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3 Replies to “Callaway Apex Pro Series 2024 Lineup – The First Word!”

  1. Callaway makes great irons. I have the Apex Pro 21s and love them. Interesting look on the 24s. I like the shorter blade length personally, whereas Zack mentioned the trend is longer blade length, which makes sense based on his explanation. It is fascinating all the technology involved in golf. It is a great time to be a golf geek šŸ™‚. This was a great informative broadcast. Great stuff

  2. J B says:

    No word on when the regular Apex will be out @CoolClubs?

  3. Matt Aamold says:

    Wish they would have kept that back badge cleaner looking, a big black trapezoid is a bit garish.

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