Callaway EPIC SPEED, MAX LS & MAX Drivers // Initial Review

Testing the 2021 Callaway Epic drivers to see how they carry out and which kind of participant could also be suited to every mannequin!

0:00 // Intro
3:39 // Pace
6:23 // Max LS
7:27 // Max
8:23 // Outcomes & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Expertise Golf
Customized Golf Membership Becoming Studio – Toronto, Canada


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    24 Replies to “Callaway EPIC SPEED, MAX LS & MAX Drivers // Initial Review”

    1. Craig Jones says:

      So does putting the weight in the toe help you draw the ball a little more..

    2. Just saw this video again & you can now do a side by side of the New Rogue ST Max vs Epic Speed, Epic Max, Mavrik Max & Mavrik drivers.
      Ian, It’s time to crunch those numbers for us regular golfers. Mikey start stretching those golf muscles. It’s going to be a great video but a long one. You can do it. Thanks 🙏🏽

    3. rick john says:

      What simulator do U guys use ?

    4. Mike Gable says:

      I wish I could get fitted by Ian, he's a genius when it comes to this stuff

    5. Kevin G says:

      105 mph swing speed here. Got fitted a couple weeks ago and the best combo for me was the max ls with the 70g xs mmt. My carry with my Cobra F9 was about 240 but this new driver with a proper fitting had me carrying 270-275. Even my miss-hits were 255-260 and dead straight.

    6. Dyxsn says:

      One of the best swings I’ve ever seen

    7. hbyrdut says:

      Would the Epic Speed pair well with a ventus blue 6s at a playing length of 45" and a tour strong sleeve?

    8. Michael says:

      10.5/-1/N stiff hzd cut 1” in the Max LS finally beat my g400

    9. Jeffrey Ong says:

      Just got fitted with an Epic Max driver today, cant wait to game it!

    10. Jordan Chard says:

      What is your opinion of the stock MMT shaft in the LS ?

    11. blackjackcz says:

      Keep up the great work boys! Cheers from Cali.

    12. Derek Ryan says:

      Any chance we’ll see epic speed LS vs epic flash SZ? Would love to see that comp.

    13. Paul O'Neil says:

      I tried the MAX 10.5 turned to 9.5 with weight fully in the Toe (as Fade setting as possible), versus the MAX LS 9 @9, with weight both fully in the Toe and between middle & Toe, and the MAX LS is less Drawy for sure than the MAX – and the LS, with weight fully in the Toe, is definitely an anti-Draw setup. For me, it was the MAX LS, with the sliding weight, slightly in from the Toe, that was the golden neutral setup, with still a tiny bit of anti-draw protection built it – and at those settings, it was a 13 launch 2100 spin machine – a great gamer.

    14. Mike Cook says:

      Great Video!! Question, If you don't mind… How much does the original Epic Flash Head weigh compared to the Epic speed head? Thanks!!!

    15. Rob Roth says:

      I was fit and I found the same results as you did and went with the max as it performed the best

    16. Geoff Metts says:

      Do you guys have any insight or review on the Mitsubishi MMT shaft offered in these new Epics?

    17. Tom Fletcher says:

      Would love to see a video on taking high MOI drivers and turning into low spin drivers with loft and shaft. Would love to see if that improves the accuracy without losing distance. Especially in the g425 max

    18. Joel Farris says:

      Can you share a head weight for the Max Model? Is it around the 195-196 range?

    19. Cody George says:

      I think I will wait until April and see what the ls triple diamond looks like without adjustable weight.

    20. Let’s wait on the triple diamond version arriving for testing

    21. dabaumga says:

      I am really looking forward to the Epic Speed Triple Diamond and TD LS. Great stuff as always fellas!!

    22. Will you be testing the Epic triple diamond?

    23. DJ Neary says:

      Autoflex with the LS…possible Berkshire territory?

    24. Boyd Grandy says:

      This is the 2nd test of these drivers that I have seen that made it clear there is very little difference between the LS and the Max versions, with the Max doing much better than expected. Typically, Max models of big box drivers are aimed at low speed duffers like me, for a little extra distance and maximum forgiveness. This Max version appears to be a fit for higher swing speeds as well, which makes it an exception to the rule.

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