Callaway Superfast Golf Ball Review

Today we review the Callaway Superfast golf ball. Callaway has several golf balls in every price range, so can the Superfast stand out?

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00:00 Intro
1:49 Design
2:36 Chipping and Putting
5:29 9 Iron
6:06 7 Iron
7:08 5 Hybrid
8:44 Driver
9:54 Durability
10:39 Conclusion


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    9 Replies to “Callaway Superfast Golf Ball Review”

    1. "Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter." —Francis Chan

    2. Scott Dean says:

      I think I’ve seen just about all your videos and I think that “Hot diggity daffodils”, this might be your most entertaining one. I watch for the info and numbers and opinions, but this one was actually quite amusing. Your description of the Superhot coming of a wedge, “pschew!” with the flaying arms was funny. When you caught yourself describing this golf ball, the Superfast, as super fast your facial expression was funny. Keep up the good work.

    3. This makes me consider leaving a three piece ball for this one. I want to try callaway since I have their woods and love them so I’d like to have some uniformity. But this is the first ball I would almost consider from them outside of the ERC soft. Really enjoyed the review. Always do. Look forward to what you have next

    4. Grey The kid says:

      I know you they make these in matte. Seems that matte stops in greens quicker for me.

    5. Would you play these personally if they was 15$ a box? Some guy on offer up selling them brand new in the box. Maybe I'll buy a couple pack to try

    6. John Cooper says:

      If available here in Thailand looks like this ball is worth a try.

    7. How about the Cut DC or the Cut Grey. Nice looking 4 piece ball I believe. Have you tried those yet?

    8. Honestly I’m not a fan of the Callaway, Titleist, Taylor Made entry level balls. ie, Titleist Velocity, Callaway SuperFast, Taylor Made Distance etc when, you’re right, there’s a Cut Blue and now this year Cut DC ( which look’s especially good ) Kirkland and the GOAT the Maxfli Tour X and for less or the same money.

    9. SuperFast is a very fast golf ball with some added spin. Definitely for a lower handicapper than the Supersoft is for based on sidespin.

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