Can Ricky tame The BEAST? | Ricky Wysocki 2023 European Open Practice Round

Ricky Wysocki breaks down his strategy as he prepares to take on The Beast in Nokia, Finland for the 2023 European Open! He shows us his favorite lines, discs, and where he plans on attacking or playing safe as he takes on the third Pro Major of the 2023 disc golf pro tour season!

Thanks to our friends @MDGMedia for filming!

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34 Replies to “Can Ricky tame The BEAST? | Ricky Wysocki 2023 European Open Practice Round”

  1. DynamicDiscs says:

    If the audio sounds a little off it is! We didn’t have a lavalier mic available for this shoot so we had to use camera audio. We tried to clean it up but there are some places he wasn’t as clear as we would have liked. We hope you enjoy Ricky’s insight even with the audio troubles!

  2. Jeremy Stump says:

    Your superhuman Rick! What a machine.,so sick how you break down the hole and the lay of the land. I’m going to a course before my friends and I play. Figure it out!! and then whip their butts.🤫

  3. Ricky the way you talk us through your thought process is SO HELPFUL. We really appreciate it!

  4. I remember an upshot on 4 that Ricky made in a previous EO. It was the most incredible shot I've ever seen until I saw Stokley's shot in the OTB qualifier.

  5. I really enjoy watching you play Ricky. Watching you over the years set in stone my love for disc golf. I hope one day I’ll be able to play along side you. Good luck this weekend! I hope you sweep the competition!

  6. Dan Snyder says:

    Not even a minute in and I already learned something new to apply for practice rounds!

    Don't putt from where you land but instead putt from where you should expect to land. Love it.

  7. Jesse says:

    Notes taken.
    – Buy few rives and felons
    – Learn to throw em 450 both ways and in multiple angles.
    GOTCHA! <3

  8. Rick shows that you can play a Major disc golf tournament with about 5 discs. Rive, Felon, Harp, Dagger, and the occasional Enforcer. Pretty wild.

  9. P Jordan says:

    What is the clicking noise that happens right before he throws a forehand? It happens several times throughout the video.

  10. Ricky is by far the best at explaining practice rounds❤ I sure appreciate it

  11. This easily beats other practice round footage out there. I guess Rick just better at everything

  12. Good stuff. Would be even better with another player joining Richard

  13. Rick’s discs are so damn overstable.

  14. kp says:

    Very good like ☮️ all the best

  15. kyle brown says:

    I'm really looking forward to changing my practice routine up, I've never looked at it this way and you know best Ricky! Thanks to all involved in the video.

  16. brodiesucks says:

    Dude hasn't done much scene 2017 #2 huh LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. AbleAnderson says:

    Ricky "I only lost to Paul because of my hurt finger" Wysocki

  18. samxyx says:

    Ricky should have a good chance of winning this tournament. My crystal ball predicts a top 3 finish for him at least.

  19. Aaron Woods says:

    As you guys can see, this is great content. Love the breakdown Ricky.

  20. What shoes is he wearing?

  21. Joe Heiliger says:

    Thanks, Ricky, for talking us through your practice routine… really helpful. Best of luck to you this weekend!

  22. Cody Wilkes says:

    Thank you Ricky!!! Love watching you play. Hope to throw a round with you some day. Keep on driving people to be better and I love your foundation. I want to get involved with that. A buddy of mine and myself just started a disk shop in or town. We are doing what we can to provide an experience versus just buying a disk online.

  23. 1andonlyMiro says:

    I'm bummed that now that Ricky is finally back in Finland, I'm (as a Finn) stuck at work on basically the other side of the country 🥲. Also I haven't finished a dye on a disc that's been in the making for a year at this point (tribute to Ricky). But I'm really excited to see him on coverage! 👌🏻

  24. Great breakdown of each hole. Thanks for doing this Ricky!

  25. NarDawg says:

    I gotta get a rive. Looks like it has great glide

  26. You Tube says:

    I'm a McBeth fan, but damn Ricky is such an amazing competitor. Disc golf is so much better with Ricky in it. Lots of new young players have his skills, but so few players have his mental toughness.

    And damn Ricky and Paige Pierce look like brother and sister!

  27. always nice watch to have the doctor of disconomics dissect the courses

  28. Practice rounds with Rick are always🔥

  29. Jeff Narum says:

    With all the courses named "The Beast" which one do you think lives up to the name?

  30. B Dizzle says:

    A master class on course management. Thanks DD and Ricky.

  31. I wish I had these videos when I started disc golf

  32. know buddy says:

    this is very helpful thankyou

  33. I never noticed how much Rick throws daggers. Great video

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