Can the BEST DRIVERS of the past 5 YEARS outperform NEW CLUBS?!

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I picked the best golf drivers of the past 10 years and put them up against their modern replacements with shocking results!

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    20 Replies to “Can the BEST DRIVERS of the past 5 YEARS outperform NEW CLUBS?!”

    1. Changed the title to “Best drivers of the past 5 years” Rather than best of 10, only a small thing and these are still my faves from the past decade, but fits a little better 👍

    2. scrymble says:

      What about the ping G vs the current. I say it would be closer. Not just because I have one, but that the #'s would show the similarities

    3. Derek Whyle says:

      This has saved me sooo much money

    4. Tom Horne says:

      Bobby Jones, Jesse Ortiz, Workshop Edition. Tour AD YSQ 43g Rifles shaft. Golf Pride dual compound, cord grip. 44" at the hosel, 47" to the sole.

    5. Drudabomb11 says:

      I got an M4, it’s super forgiving and feels great

    6. Papaburf says:

      Short term golf sales (year over year) are like everything else – it's all in the advertising (pronounced "smoke and mirrors"). If the customer perceives an improvement, an improvement has been made. I suggest real improvement probably happens about every 10 to 20 years. Look where we've come with metals instead of wood, shafts etc. Advertisers would have you believe there is a revolution every year – how else can they pay the bills? Please keep in mind this is not limited to golf, look at baseball bats, tennis rackets and on and on. Awesome video.

    7. bigdog33bad says:

      Great review! I still have my M1 and love it, looking forward to the next challenge!

    8. robh316 says:

      I've the sim2 max and love it so I reckon the M1 will come out top tho I think you should of got a sldr bet that's the longest

    9. Just bought a used Taylormade SLDR 460 for $90. Very happy with it.

    10. Drivers have been maxed out for some time now. Manufacturers are now hyping up putters. We are seeing the latest and greatest putter "technology" now. Carbon, milled, weights, etc. There will always be something new, but not better.

    11. I think the biggest take away from this should be that if your clubs are sub 10 years old and actually fit you, then stop looking to equipment to fix problems in your game. So many people I play with have a new driver or 60 degree wedge every 6 months thinking this “new technology” will be the solution to their game. The issue is your scuffed swing and refusal to teach yourself proper technique or take lessons, not that your driver is from last year.

    12. gregorio c says:

      Thank you for the review. You saved me some money. I was planning to purchase the Sim 2 Max. I guess my M1 driver is just as good . Thanks again

    13. Chaplin says:

      10:17 That was weird you see the tee fly off but the tee is still there. Like there were 2 tees or something

    14. todesto says:

      Sounds like there is not much difference between 5year old and new. but what about older club? I have Titleist 910 D2 and I wonder if there would be advantage investing $500+ driver.

    15. LabGorilla says:

      Just bought a ts3 for £45 . Looking forward to getting some range time to test it.

    16. im got a 2017 m1 3 wood and i absolutley love it. It still suprises me how far it goes sometimes.


    18. Still rocking the Taylormade R15 , tried multiple drivers over the past few years but the R15 produces the best numbers for me, havn't tried the stealth yet maybe that will be the one….or maybe it wont.

    19. Paul C says:

      Great job on this video. This video is now over 1 year old but it tells a great story.

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