Can We Break Par Where Tiger Woods Won 5 Times On The PGA Tour?

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47 Replies to “Can We Break Par Where Tiger Woods Won 5 Times On The PGA Tour?”

  1. Jason Cote says:

    When you coming to Maine and what course you playing?

  2. TrueBlue22 says:

    Hey guys. I know you already played Sand Hollow in Southwestern Utah, but you need to come back and play Black Deseret Resort. The PGA and the LPGA have committed to playing here. I would love to see a video of you playing it. It would definitely be your number one USA course.

  3. Jacob Creasy says:


  4. Coop says:

    Play in michigan or hands will be exchanged

  5. dtsthename says:

    Stoked the cucumber gatorade got some love! Slept on top 3 flavor

  6. Bpatrick14 says:

    @BustaJackGolf Highly recommend Trump Golf Links Ferry Point for NY. Beautiful links masterpiece here in the states

  7. Mathew says:

    Hey, you guys are great. I started out here then found everyone else. Now I try keeping up with all the content. Thank you and keep it going.

  8. Mark Neuman says:

    In and out really does have the worst fries ever. And awful buns

  9. Shout out to your caddie! That guy was the shisnit!

  10. Erickson says:

    How tough is this course….How did Mr. Tiger Woods ever shoot 62? Another testament to his great talent.

  11. nick mahan says:

    I'd love to know what players like these "tipping" lol because they know their game and "caddies in cart" just crazy to me.

  12. Come on Jack Chicago style pizza is the bomb

  13. Tyson Webb says:

    Gotta get on Valhalla in Kentucky or Olde Stone in Kentucky.

  14. I cant believe somebody from texas has the balls to call our pizza not pizza. So much disrespect 😂

  15. Huck Crash 7 says:

    Chicago Pizza is not lasagna ….
    In n Out fries are great ….

  16. Pat Maweini says:

    'In N Out, worst fries in the world' haha true

  17. Hope you tipped the caddie!💯

  18. Mark C says:

    lets go been waiting on this

  19. Ryan Taub says:

    I was missing the cart cam footage the whole video

  20. Ryan Taub says:

    Don’t you dare disrespect In-N-Out fries

  21. You all missed a course in South Dakota!! Need to play Elk Horn Ridge!! Spearfish SD

    Come to Wyoming. We will go play Devils Tower course!!!!

  22. The name dubs dread comes from the fact that the course strikes fear into the hearts of double digit handicappers (dubs)

  23. Slapping it around all over the shop. Phenomenal work as always!

  24. Shad Morris says:

    The second caddie was a legend.

  25. Trey Ebert says:

    It blows my mind yall are not at 4-5 hundo thou subs. Some of the best golf content.

  26. I was wondering if your guys were going to play Dubsdread or Medinah! Glad you chose my hometown!

  27. So I think after that first hole, a case needs to be made to change Madjack's name to Madjacc 😂 "2 C's! Haha

  28. icyycat says:

    In n out the worst fries in the world lmao that’s a bit extreme hahahahah

  29. RobJaskula says:

    Cog Hill is a great spot. #2 is a great course at a great price and even #1 and 3 are great value rounds. Good vibes around the place.

  30. Mix the Limon Pepino Gatorade with tequila and thank me later boys 🫡

  31. Josh Jones says:

    Do you think Wesley watches Mason dropping clubs left and right and feels proud? Lol

  32. Cucumber is the WORST Gatorade flavor!

  33. Have you fellas golfed Pennsylvania yet?

  34. Ciesbe says:

    caddy was awesome great video boys – as always

  35. Great course great year

  36. J S says:

    The course record was not harmed in the making of this video.

  37. andeemarx says:

    This caddie was awesome

  38. Second caddie was a vibe !

  39. Troy Newport is the GM there…best GM in the game and a family friend. The course is a blast!

  40. ryan epperly says:

    Another great video. That track looked tough!

  41. G Foster says:

    Love MadJack's tempo!!!

  42. Josh says:

    The disrespect of In n Out fries! Best burgers and fries around

  43. Dan G says:

    stoked for the Wisconsin episode

  44. Ben Schieber says:

    I hate how all the YouTubers only make videos on dubs when they’re in the Chicagoland area. There are way better courses to play than dubs

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