Can you beat Elden Ring using ONLY Ancient Dragon Spells?

Nicely, crimson Lightning spells are a bit busted boys not gonna lie, nonetheless a enjoyable “problem” run general for Elden Ring, would advocate!

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A very cool Elden Ring problem run i got here up with, i although it was going to be a a lot greater catastrophe however it was some of the enjoyable challenges! And due to everybody that watches these movies, actually admire it and its an enormous honor to me 🙂

00:00 – Cool Intro!
00:30 – The Meat.

The fashion of this video is just like Iron Pineapple and LilAggy in elements. A big affect on this channel are these guys and naturally InfernoPlus .I give my thanks to those guys that encourage my content material 😀

#eldenring #darksouls #challengerun


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    46 Replies to “Can you beat Elden Ring using ONLY Ancient Dragon Spells?”

    1. TotoTriceps says:

      I did not expect the spells to be this powerful… well hope you enjoyed anyways.
      Go follow me on Twitch:

    2. Recon 0516 says:

      Margit watching a random tarnish wield the ancient red lightning his brother Godwyn kept talking about:
      👁️ 👄 👁️

    3. This is my first playthrough of Elden Ring and I went with a full on Intelligence mage build cause I fucking love magic but when I saw people use incantation builds I got so jealous cause those dragon spells look fucking SICK

    4. Not a fan of the face cam, its not your face i just mean with anyone. Idk i find myself watching the person more than the gameplay. Besides that ggwp

    5. SplaterVR says:

      Aight u gotta remember me when u get famous ok bc u growing fast

    6. If it wasn’t a spell only you could have used the bolt of Gransax because it weapon art is dragon lightning.

    7. Aizwrath says:

      Really underrated!! Your vids are some of the best ive seen!


      Edit: he uses it on some battle

    9. This is bullying yes?

    10. garknight says:

      Bro really said. I am the mc of this game
      While other players struggling

    11. You used lightning fortification and golden vow which isn’t ancient dragon spells

    12. APLTDungeon says:

      I reckon that melania woulda been easy for this challenge, she had water in her arena so it would do abit more damage and aoe. Also with the adls will shred her tiny health bar. Also can you try all remembrances? It’s just a way I think would make the video longer and more to enjoy. Just a suggestion 🙃

    13. Cindy N says:

      Rlly cool run. Though where is malenia? XD

    14. PoBoing says:

      Ancient dragon spells are my favorite, I ended up playing through NG+7-10 with a dedicated Ancient Dragon Priest build, no melee straight spells. The lightning stakes can also jump over attacks (I jumped over a guy using Hoarah loux ground slam AoW and slammed him with fortissax lightning spears, he ate them directly and called me a hacker lol)

    15. Is vyke's dragon bolt not an ancient spell?

    16. Dub Line says:

      Dude, this is literally my entire build. Of course the incantations are incredibly difficult to use. You have to really pick and choose carefully when it’s wisest to do so.

    17. casterline says:

      placidisax having 40% resistance makes sense imo. He’s supposed to have 5 heads, but we only see 2. thus he has 40% instead of the full 100% resistance he should theoretically have

    18. Chris says:

      Four Bell Fries… better than McDonalds Fries by A LOT!

    19. dat music during the Godefroy fight tho

    20. Rowens says:

      boring disgustingly boring game it's boring compared to everygame

    21. I have an entire one-shot build using the dragon lightning spells, they're incredible. Glaive is definitely the most underwhelming as far as raw damage, but the sheer area it covers is amazing. And using it in watery areas is stupid

    22. JTdagoat2871 says:

      Don’t act like this wasn’t the easiest “challenge” run ever lol. U cheesed like 5 bosses and didn’t even fight malenia.

    23. Smiling Man says:

      15:46 That was so stylish, red lightning spear vs pure light hammer

    24. You should try beating the game as Zeus by that I mean hand held lighting only lighting spear allowed

    25. Artorios says:

      You have reignited my love for this game with this run, I'm going to go and make my Str/Fth Paladin again and run through the game with these spells.

    26. Awesome video ! Finally i see someone using these incantations. I was hoping to see placidusax's ruin in action but its understandable, its quite slow and comes with an high risk. Oh well, its surely way better than those ones who say they're gonna beat ER only using dragon powers and then just use rotten breath all the time lol

    27. What’s the full build here?

    28. i liked the video as soon u noticed the thunder coming from the sky, such a cool detail i never noticed

    29. Your accent fked up the video

    30. Jacob Harris says:

      What’s that armor set he uses against mohg? It looks incredible.

    31. I was looking for this everyday until now… thank you for this 🙂

    32. Auberc says:

      Man we love fortissax but I’m positive that first glave basically cut you clean in half

    33. General C says:

      The fact these don't get buffed from the dragon seal is a crime.

    34. Idk why but i LOVE your accent

    35. 16+ playthrough and never use this before. Am I living in a cave? (str build)

      also, travelling to Altus using the Iron Virgins is an absolute chad move. Immediate sub

    36. Question, why not use the trinket that allows you to parry Maliketh?

    37. Hitman Tibbs says:

      I was wondering why it all looked so familiar.. then i remembered I was in the live stream!! Awesome to see again 😀

    38. Shane says:

      of course you can beat the game with some of the strongest incants in the game …..

    39. EVeljko says:

      Since you're doing wrong warps, you can wrong warp into leyndell. You teleport to the lift and then do the same thing you did in farum azula.

    40. Thanks for making the game interesting…

    41. blue says:

      lightning incantations are the coolest in the game for real

    42. Would the gravel stone seal not be more desirable in the beginning for the game for the 15% boost??

      Ps this was commented at 11 minutes in, I see around the half way mark it was picked up.

    43. The best name for this build I saw was Flacidusax

    44. Shaiyo5 says:

      You really want a challenge? Do the entire game with Death Lightning. To be fair (since you have to kill Fortissax to get it), it would be a NG+ run where you start with the spell with a high enough faith to cast the spell and NOTHING else.

    45. Jnmarshmello says:

      I know it's possible before watching the video, I beat every boss in Ng+11 with only ancient dragons lightning strike. Shits insane

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