Captains Log-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues Aug 2

Matt Adams breaks down Henrik Stenson’s defection to LIV and Ryder Cup firing and we hear from Europe’s new Captain Luke Donald. We take a deep dive into the upcoming President’s Cup and what the teams might look like.


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    5 Replies to “Captains Log-Fairways of Life w Matt Adams-Tues Aug 2”

    1. Ron Paul 7 says:

      Multiple tours could not have been envisioned in 1927. Is the European Ryder Team based on Nation Origin, Residence, or primary tour? Most if not all of the European team plays primarily on the PGA Tour and many live in the US. There is a token requirement of a few appearances on the European Tour. The only true identity of the European Team is nationality. Therefore LIV players should quality. The Ryder Cup profits fund the European Tour and the PGA of America. It is about money by the Ryder Cup organizers.

    2. Over reaction in my view. Players should have the ability to play wherever they choose to do so.
      This feels very much like when the US boycotted the 1980 Olympics and the USSR boycotted the Los Angeles games. Government – an organization- interfering with athletes ability freedom to perform wherever they wish to do so.
      In this case we have two organizations dictating whether or not players can play in a different play ground.
      And I know that there are clauses these players need to obey by as they join the pga tour and DP tour.
      It’s the interference that really bothers me!
      And what takes it over the top for me is the media boycotting coverage- you being the exception.
      One more point-and so we will have a Ryder cup that will be played by the C teams for their respective continents.

    3. Larry Beirne says:

      When Liv golf gets rid of Greg Norman that will open the door to a deal with the PGA and DP World Tour

    4. peedee says:

      It's a fair assumption that the original T&C's laid down by Samuel Ryder were that it was a competition solely between European Tour and US Tour playing members. Therefore, if the 2 organising bodies wish to include LIV players in order to maintain the high quality and allure of the event, there will presumably have to be amendments made to the original stipulations of the competition. If there are any legal ramifications preventing this, then possibly the only other option is to create a whole new competition. This could mean that, sadly, the Ryder Cup would either disappear altogether, or be downgraded to a fairly meaningless 'B' event.

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