Carnival’s Newest Cruise Ship Was NOT What I Expected. Here's Why…

I took my first Carnival cruise in over a decade on Carnival Venezia. I wondered what Carnival’s newest cruise ship would be like & if we’d enjoy it. In so many ways, this 4 day Carnival cruise was not what I expected!

Join me as we explore the Carnival Venezia cruise ship from the Lido deck, dining room & restaurants, atrium & cruise ship cabin. In this Carnival Venezia cruise review, I go over what we liked, what we didn’t & who I think this cruise ship is for.

This honest cruise review shows you the onboard entertainment, the food & dining, the pool deck & sports deck & more. We also go over the cruise port of Bermuda & the people we met onboard. If you’re wondering what it’s like cruising on the Carnival Venezia cruise ship, this Carnival cruise review & Carnival Venezia ship tour is full of cruise tips & information you can use.

This cruise was not sponsored or hosted by the cruise line. Carnival gave me a premium internet package on their own accord.



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24 Replies to “Carnival’s Newest Cruise Ship Was NOT What I Expected. Here's Why…”

  1. Caden Kausch says:

    I went on Venezia June 19 for 8 days I loved the ship I remember first walking onto the ship looking like a fancy hotel. I loved the ship and the activities and I also hated the lines especially at guys burger joint and those other places. Another thing was on debarkation day it took way too long to get off people were getting off when their muster station wasn’t called yet and it was frustrating

  2. If you think the lines on Venezia was bad, DO NOT go on Mardi Gras or Celebration.

  3. Ah….Carnival…what can I say?

    Daily dose of obnoxious drunks at the pool.

    NUMEROUS people wearing “F#ck You!” shirts and shorts.

    A few domestic “discussions” in public with the obligatory cursing and screaming.

    People in yoga pants that probably haven’t seen their feet in 30 years.

    One of the greatest fashion statements of all time on a 60+ year-old was cut-off jeans shorts, sandals, white athletic socks from the 70’s, and a sleeveless t-shirt TUCKED IN!

    Basically, you spend a week with people you would normally cross the street to avoid.

    Clientele aside, the crew was great! Super-friendly, attentive, and courteous. I pity them for the abuse they take from some of the guests.

  4. I think you’d like the Celebration. It’s very nicely appointed and has a lot of the misses this ship had for you, I too lived the umbrellas by the tides pool.

  5. The Funship in my drink of choice on carnival 🍹

  6. Cruise Ships are terrible for the environment.

  7. gokendra1 says:

    We got off the Mardis Gras yesterday and went to Rudi's Sea Grill on the 2nd night and gotvthe free bottle of wine.

  8. I haven't cried on this particular boat yet, tfs❤

  9. I'm so glad you enjoyed your cruise. We love Carnival and I'm glad were able to understand why people love this brand. I think you would really like one of the newest ships they offer. I really appreciate your honest opinion. Thank you for trying this brand again. We are taking the Venezia on an Alaskan cruise in 2024 and look forward to experiencing this ship after your review.

  10. Good review. Comprehensive. Fair. I almost passed it by when I saw what seemed to be a Karen look promoting it, but then you won me over. I am Platinum on Carnival, looking forward to Venezia when it gets to L.A. next year, so I had a special interest in hearing your comments. The typical L.A. crowd is as diverse as the one in New York, making this even more relevant. Thanks.

  11. We cruised on Carnival's Mardi Gras twice, once on the western itinerary and once on the eastern…it was great. When you go, don't miss visiting Chibang! Avoid the main dining room and eat at Chibang as often as you can, its a fun atmosphere and (other than the pizza) the best food on the ship!

  12. I went on a carnival cruise about 12 years ago and didn't like it. I have thought about trying it again though! I love the pool with all the towel animals, it is really pretty, but that other pool looks way too crowded for me!

  13. Dean Pesci says:

    At 4 minutes I have seen quite enough….this thing looks like my worst nightmare…..especially the pools….O M G. And the fact you lost your bag was just kind of an asterisk???? No thanks, Im Good. Now I know why I have never ever thought seriously about a cruise… looks about the same as a busy, low budget motel in the middle of summer in a whole lot of U.S. cities….but those are soooo much cheaper, and I can actually get off the "boat" if worse comes to worse…..freaking A!

  14. Love your review thank you–We have been on 4 Carnival cruises–Booked on the Celebration Feb. '24 for our 5th—out of Miami my favorite port.

  15. Glenda Fagan says:

    Don, you may need a relationship where there is not a need to be connected at the hip. I've been single for so long that it's the only way I can envision being a couple. I imagine there are many "mature" people (I'm 66 yrs old) who feel the same, for whatever reasons.

  16. Ohhhh I don't think so…

  17. k cm says:

    carnival is the frontier airlines of cruising

  18. deneen ochab says:

    What were the dates of your cruise

  19. We booked an 11 days Venezia cruise in November 9th. We’re so excited 😁🛳️🌞🌊👙🏖️

  20. Hawaiian_c says:

    Heh that water eeewwww I highly recommend try get diamond princess in japan… if you go in August you get a firework show..

  21. We are cruising on Carnival Magic in January 24. It is a group cruise. This is our 4th cruise but our 1st on Carnival. We have been on Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas. I hope we will not be too disappointed as we hear this is a party ship!!

  22. Danny Turner says:

    We’ve sailed on all the major lines and Princess is our favorite but we have sailed many times on Carnival as well. I laugh more on their cruises than any other line. Recently did the Mardi Gras and loved it. Would certainly do the Venezia if the opportunity arises.

  23. Annie Simon says:

    As expected, great honest review Ilana👍
    We have never sailed with Carnival yet actually excited to sail Venezia this coming December for NYE sailing to the Bahamas. Our family cruise will be a bit longer 9 days and it will be nice to be all together. Great tips and expecting the “fun ship” vibe. We realize it’s more of a family style ship so we are going with a good attitude. Hoping Carnival do improve the buffet yet feel we will all enjoy the burgers or Mexican Italian food and main dining room more than the buffet. Heard that the swimming pools are crowded as they are smaller than most cruise ships. We will take all your tips and tricks and use them to the max. Happy to hear that there are comedians and that the entertainment overall was pretty good👍
    As a fellow Montrealer, we are spoiled when it comes to good cuisine and amazing restaurants yet we will experience Carnival Venezia with an open mind and love the Italian theme 😎

  24. We've been on 87 cruises, mostly Royal Caribbean. We've learned to never do 3 or 4 day cruises. Yes, even RC can have a poor reputation for weekend cruising. Lots of partying. Drinking. Loud, rude people. They LOVE making snide comments about my wheelchair. I hold up my camera and ask them to repeat the abuse.

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