Change the Way You Look At Golf – It's a Simple Game

The way of the playa is the only way to play golf.


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39 Replies to “Change the Way You Look At Golf – It's a Simple Game”

  1. Part 2 and 3 coming tomorrow and day after
    The best golf rangefinder for the money:

  2. Jack Kinoff says:

    120 yards and in

    Thats the number one tip

    Once you understand this yoyr thinking chsnges

    You then practive more at this than going to Driving Range and smashing balls

    Develop your shots up to 120 yards and get good at them

    As soon as you know how to hit the 100 yard shot well you are slapping them on the green all the time.

    When you find yourself in a bad position the range finder can then be used and you can pick where younput your next shot a certain distance to get back into play and keep out of the bunker etc

  3. Zab says:

    Thanks for taking a chunk out of my workday 😀

  4. arklowrockz says:

    "Put that coffee down, coffee is for CLOSERS!"

  5. When and where are you heading in Scotland Matt?

  6. Way2sublime says:

    Great video bro. So many key concepts people should be thinking about. So much not said in other videos

  7. BJ Parker says:

    Routinely when people ask me for advise, they are surprised that it is not a swing tip. It is a aim there tip. Playing and practice are different games. Yes, practice is also a game.

  8. Ryan Thomas says:

    Best line – "anywhere between the fluff and the teeth …… money"

  9. Pull out Matty, always! I think that putt on hole 2 would of went in. 😮

  10. Props to the caddie, excellent camerawork.

  11. Literally can't remember the last time we had elephant trouble on the course here in Wales.

  12. Jodie Monk says:

    Best advice – stop stabbing at your putts – you follow through on every other shot, follow through on your putts

  13. Mitch Kazmer says:

    Plug more products lol

  14. AJ Tovar says:

    The best golf tip I've ever gotten was from GSK. You used to hammer home the notion of practicing short game and putting. It's helped immensely with my confidence over chips. That and, you're supposed to suck. As I'm typing I've come up with four more….the list seems endless.

  15. coletrikle says:

    sorry but… hole 3 … iron 1.. 300 yards?

  16. STesla says:

    Your videos are amazing, Great style….. as a HIGH Handicapper 33 – i try to learn mindset and relax.. and know that im going to miss a lot…… but stay calm. Hope i can play with you in Spain onetime 😉 Madrid. Amazing style your videos.

  17. Wow i live next to this course, will u play again tmr?

  18. Chris Greene says:

    'Birdie is over, music stops. Next hole is waiting.' I've always enjoyed this little inside thing you do in your videos – after a scoring hole or nice putt/shot then next hole music stops as you make contact. Nice editing….

  19. aviatorAW says:

    Best tip? The harder you grip the club the less control you have over your ball flight. Arm tension is a killer for me. This was a master class in course management. Loved your take, “Reject what is bad and harness what is good.” Deep philosophy Matty Boom Boom.

  20. Daddy Harry says:

    The best tip I ever got was from a bucket hat, colourful polo wearing baus that said ‘subscribe to this channel’. He has improved my playa mental game to consistently score under 100 when I play. 👍🏼

  21. Sambo Jones says:

    You haven't been dropping subliminal messages in your videos in a while. Or have you? I really feel like a burger, was that you!?

  22. Sam Chahda says:

    Your background music is too loud.

  23. Rob S says:

    “No Ob” life.

  24. Rob Dunne says:

    Traffic light system for approach shots. Not much trouble means greenlight go for it.
    Lots of trouble redlight, play the safe shot.

  25. chunkz1187 says:

    Best golf tip I got was from you actually: give yourself 10 seconds to be mad at a bad shot then you get over it and think of the next shot, no dwelling on past shots only thinking of the next ones. It’s great advice for a high handicapper like me who hits lots of bad ones a round

  26. chunkz1187 says:

    Hey playa will there be another release of the avocado and lemon shirts? I missed out on them 🙁 love the way of the playa you’re helping my game so much, stress free easy life playa!

  27. My best swing tips have always come from teaching pros, not from other players. I love how Matt only talks about course management and never swing tips. Matt's tip about embracing the bad shot is spot on, because you will hit some bad shots every round. Every time I go to the range I always make sure to practise some punch shots because I do get into to trouble and hitting a great hook punch shot out of trouble is a delight.

  28. Timothy Wang says:

    Wada player! MasterPlayer

  29. Ramil Tandoc says:

    Its good if you tell us where exactly your playing and green fees

  30. dch 760 says:

    Best tip I ever got… golf is like dating, some days you’ll get lucky, some days you’ll be shot down. We all want to get lucky but, if you’re relying on luck, you’ll be shot down.

  31. As if I didn't already love your content, "Dance with the munter you brought" 😂👌

  32. Neil Master says:

    Best tip ever? Your ball will never know where to go unless you tell it. Yell at your ball! Tip by: me.

  33. That was a glorious first hit with that 1 iron.

  34. Kevin Twomey says:

    This is the one! The Cliff Notes for the past few years. This is definitely going on the watch again list 🙌🏼

  35. Scott O says:

    Golf course is Khao Yai Country Club, Thailand. Will be going there in 4 weeks or so.

  36. How long have you been studying Taoist philosophy plus the esoterica?

  37. I broke 90 playa! It was all about course management and playing to my misses. Looking forward to breaking 80!

  38. Don Menya says:

    "Detach from the goal to get the goal!" Love the quote Playa!!!

  39. Eddie Banks says:

    The sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.

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