Cheapest Golf Clubs We’ve Seen Here! #shorts

Somebody traded in some expensive golf clubs that we rarely find at retail stores!


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    41 Replies to “Cheapest Golf Clubs We’ve Seen Here! #shorts”

    1. Josh Grant says:

      You guys get deals at your dicks and golf galaxy’s that mine does not have. Everything is always so expensive here

    2. Savage Boys says:

      What dicks do you go to mine never even has an option to get 2nd hand clubs

    3. Mark Price says:

      PXG sucks! Why do you think that their new Drivers are $299 & last seasons only $249 new?? They are Basic AF and perform mediocre! I'll stick with Taylormade

    4. I’m in San Diego county and our Dick’s don’t have any used clubs at all. You’re so lucky!

    5. PikachuMCx42 says:

      I’m sorry, did she just put right handed with a left handed grip?? Breaking my brain and her wrist. Somebody fix her.

    6. My x20s are pure still

    7. A says:

      Send me one

    8. Bro I went to dicks a few days ago and their cheapest used iron set was $469…..

    9. Taylor says:

      My dicks never have used golf clubs 🙁

    10. Goat Yachty says:

      Wait you saw callaway x20 irons for 80? They're like 300 on ebay. Why are clubs so expensive now

    11. Dai Bowen says:

      Don't often see much X20 love anymore but I still love mine. Had them new and still perform well!

    12. John Gillard says:

      I see a lot of used PXG clubs around now. Not sure if a lot of people are upgrading or switching to other brands.

    13. Shane 1178 says:

      How about those ping g425 irons with the giant grips behind Ashley.

    14. AJ Grieve says:

      Gosh I want those x20s

    15. Love Life says:

      Oh man what a porn store.If I walked in they would have to drag me out.

    16. Can’t wait till my passport is renewed, gonna hit all the golf stores in the US, here in Vancouver Canada, golf prices are ridiculous. Like 3-4x used prices anywhere else lol greedy people here

    17. Fun fact my dad uses callaway x20 irons

    18. I've been checking occasionally. Not too bad. I've been having good luck at my Goodwills recently! I've found 2 Bullseye putters recently and today I saw a Medicus 5 Iron but didn't grab it because of the rusty hinge

    19. I played a buddy today that bought all new PXG irons and woods. I played with some knock off M-2's and thoroughly cleaned his clock and took his money. Brands are useless without putting the swing behind them. I told him they have a 90 day return policy if he's not satisfied LOL

    20. Tom Miller says:

      Are Pxg decent clubs.

    21. Kevin Pruett says:

      Any interest in parting ways with your nike Mach speed driver yet??

    22. MijoMontego says:

      PXG should be free. Such a garbage manufacturer.

    23. Don L says:

      Ashley, where did you learn your putting grip?

    24. World’s greatest putter slams down another putt 🥇🥇🥇😀

    25. When is the world’s greatest putter going to do a show not wearing a hat.

    26. M Ran says:

      Ashley really is a good putter!

    27. 103 Wow you two have climbed up there. Great job!!!!!!!👍🏻🇨🇦

    28. Did you buy any of these??? Great deals. I played today with my Callaway X20's… I'm also "a bit older" so they still work for me! Love the channel!

    29. you probably bought everything you mentioned lol

    30. The PXG 0211 is $199 from the factory now !

    31. Dave Keen says:

      Funny, what Dick’s/Golf Galaxy are selling used PXGs for, for another $20 you can get brand new from PXG

    32. I need to make a run to Dick's and check it out. Thanks

    33. What ball does jonh use

    34. ChHook says:

      Top 5 ? Worlds greats putter sinks another! Be Well Be Safe & Stay Blessed

    35. John Murphy says:

      Ashley can make a putt with a stick lol 😂

    36. Bill Tyler says:


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