Chipping and Pitching Tips Around The Green (Tight Lie Masterclass)

How to hit a high chip with spin from a tight lie: never hit your wedge fat or thin again!

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.


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    44 Replies to “Chipping and Pitching Tips Around The Green (Tight Lie Masterclass)”

    1. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Big thanks once more for spending your time with me. Let me know which coaching videos you want to see next and please LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already

    2. Smooth firm swing is probably most important. My problem was I get slow

    3. Shot 37 on 9 yesterday. Needed par to get pr of even par. Was 18 off a 327 yard hole. 2 chipped onto green. Ball got stuck on the face on first chip and went 5 yards

    4. bigdog33bad says:

      Great video! Cant wait to practice this!

    5. Luke Samios says:

      Helped heaps mate thanks , thicker rough though causes few dramas I seem to pick a landing zone but over hit them,is this all feel and practice or is there a secret ,

    6. Thanks for the video. With this shot, my thoughts are "soft hands" and "relax right arm" otherwise i come across the ball or thin it.
      One question though: can you repeat this video in February after a week of rain and the near-green area is a big spongy mudpit? thx

    7. You're right. When it's a little bit wet and super tight it does make it harder..

    8. Brilliant video. I can actually chip now !!

    9. KW says:

      GF: Would you like me to…
      Me: 1:11

    10. Greg Herman says:

      My favourite of all your videos, Pete! Your sense of humour shines through on this one.

      Thank you for the excellent advice. Has not one to practice with my 3-wood more.

    11. rich diorio says:

      How much bounce should be used? I have a sand wedge with 12* bounce and it seems like it doesn't work that well.

    12. Mike Murphy says:

      I can chip/pitch all day long at the range practice area, but while play golf, along side the green I am HORRIBLE right now, any thoughts to help me relax more? 12 index but should be a 8

    13. Martyn Routs says:

      Thanks Peter, another great stripped to simple lesson and as always FUN (loved the talking club comment!!!)

    14. Do you need to take a divot off a fairway iron? I find I play a better shot if I just stroke the ground under the ball. Is that ok? I don’t mean in this case, but say a 120 yard shot off a good lie on the fairway.

    15. HurfDurfy says:

      3:03 That's what she said.

    16. I always thought i had to hit down on the ball to create that spin. Awesome tip, has helped my game more than any other tip this summer!

    17. Luis Ramirez says:

      Ugh! Ahh! That's on my Golf language every round. 🙂

    18. I think your dead wrong finch

    19. Had a round where I had a few tight lies to deal with and didn’t end up well. Got me thinking “I should see if there’s a video on this I can learn from” and here we are! Thanks Pete!

    20. Andrew Wolf says:

      i think these are the only type of chips i never mess up ironically , but wedge play is the one aspect of my game i’ve always been confident in. Long irons and woods are my weakness. 6 iron – 3 wood

    21. Ferg_life says:

      I still think about hitting down on these shots and let your technique and the bounce of the wedge do the skimming. Just me but if I think of gliding the club I start leaning back thinning chunking…

    22. This is confusing me. I was always told to keep the ball just in front of my back foot and hit down on the ball with the club. This is how the wedges get their lift. Even then, I manage to hit the damn thing in the teeth and send it right over the green. If I put the ball nearer my front foot I'll be hitting everything in teeth.

      I try to use the 7 or 9 iron with a putting stroke as much as possible because of this. Sometimes you're just too far from the green for it so I try a wedge shot and just hope and pray it doesn't come up short or land on the next tee box.

    23. For more exciting results try flipping your wrists at impact😁

    24. Matt Welch says:

      Cheers for this Mr Finch – really helpful tips that saved several shots for me yesterday!

    25. LionHeartZ says:

      Id be interested to see a tutorial about hitting punches and low shots with irons. Always good to be able to get out of tree trouble. Cheers Peter!

    26. Arno VdA says:

      Thanks for some great advice Pete! It's been a while since you showed us how to play proper golf 👍

    27. Al Tetteh says:

      Hey Pete…… I'm a 14 handicapper… OK but have always struggling with this shot……yesterday I played my local and shot 3 over…… my best score ever!!!!!. Happy golfer.
      Great advice thanks.

    28. Please elaborate on your feet and club face alignment with the Lob Wedge…open and open or both square to your target?

    29. I find a 54* wedge with a slightly open face works well at not digging in

    30. rob carter says:

      i only got into golf for the scope of innuendos possible…so love this video. keep up the good work pete!

    31. Tayten Zitek says:

      I think rick needs to watch this video

    32. Volvoman90 says:

      3:03 – "A little bit wet and then super tight" – Sounds perfect to me 😀

    33. You are spoiled indeed. I would be more than happy with your results!

    34. Rick's watching this vid for sure lol

    35. Mike B says:

      Cant believe how much this video helped me in my round yesterday! Thank you Pete!

    36. Carol Giles says:

      Do you have any vids with a mid to high handicap? Driver swing speed around mi 90mph?

    37. Clay Beg says:

      "A little bare patch, where the grass hasn't grown…and it's super tight. What makes it even harder is that it's a little bit wet and super tight."

      You're pitching and putting into the wrong holes, Pete.

    38. Chef Henry says:

      What is meant by: avoid wrist hinge? I see Pete's wrists bending quite a bit at top of backswing with wedge shot

    39. Not only do i need this video but i also need to learn how to hit shots from tight lies in hard bunkers that havent been raked in a month. Or this same shot in this video but all the grass is dead and theres just dirt.

    40. Malcolm A. says:

      Have to say I would tend to use my #5-hybrid or 7-iron for that sort of shot in my normal game
      That said I'll give the wedge option a bash as soon as I can get to the practice area

    41. Sam Bell says:

      This video was funnier than it should of been 😂 #WetAndTight

    42. One of the funniest videos😂 out of the 4 options that final LB shot and your reaction is just
      beautiful! Lol 😂

    43. Thanks Pete, as you said, made it look simple and I’m sure it won’t feel like that when I try but love the 3-4 solid tips that I can focus on to give confidence to strike it… decelerating is always the killer, but I do that when nervous of the strike….

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