CHIPPING Around the Green is Much Easier with this Short Game Technique

One of our favorite short game golf drills requires a club and 2 pennies. In this golf lesson from Todd Kolb, we share one of the easiest golf chipping drills to help you improve your contact and dial in your short game!

If you want to quickly improve your golf chipping technique, this simple golf chipping tip will almost immediately improve your contact.

Just by focusing on your swing direction and chipping ball position, you will avoid some of the biggest golf chipping mistakes most amateur golfers make!

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    12 Replies to “CHIPPING Around the Green is Much Easier with this Short Game Technique”

    1. Chuck Beagle says:

      Todd- I'm a single digit, but getting older. My chipping has started to suck and is costing me strokes. I thought it was an aging thing, but after watching this and doing the drill, I realized how far I've gotten away from a straight swing path. Helped for more solid chips instantly. Great tip!

    2. Joyce Beeman says:

      Your demonstrations are great but you have a lot of grass around the rough of the greens or even beyond the rough. I’m in an area where we have very little grass at all to chip off. Should I use an eight iron or putter? Thanks

    3. Great information. I'll try this drill tomorrow. Thank You.

    4. thank for your good instruction. How is the weight balance between two feet ? 50:50?

    5. tom g says:

      only been playing for a year, I have watched a lot of videos but this is by far the best demonstration I have seen on how to chip, cant wait to go to practice area tomorrow many thanks

    6. Finally someone that give practical and understandable lessons. Thanks!!

    7. Coach, I just forwarded this to a friend of mine, yesterday I was helping him with chipping.

    8. Anthony Roth says:

      It seems when I go straight back and straight thru I sometimes double hit the ball?

    9. Todd, the bunker here appears to be a bit on the firm side. Could you please do a video on playing from a bunker with very soft, beach-type sand? Thanks!

    10. Hi Todd, from here in the UK. Thanks for the great video. It's an area I struggle with, sometimes shanking my 52 degree, so probably taking the club back inside on takeaway. Not with my 56 degree though? Keep up the great content.

    11. Thanks Todd enjoyed it

    12. J Dido says:

      What is the adjustment for really tight lies?

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